Is Keke Palmer Dating Someone? Know Her Boyfriend and Dating History!

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Keke Palmer

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Keke Palmer, who is popular as a music star is one of the youngest celebrities to gain much popularity now. When we went to her personal details, we were not able to find her boyfriend, at least not for now. However, some sources claim that she is seriously in love with actor Elvin Jackson. So, let’s explore whether Keke is in a committed relationship.

Furthermore, you can also read about the past affairs of Keke Palmer. Today, we will be discussing Keke Palmer dating life and her dating history. Stay put if you are interested!

Keke Palmer’s Current Relationship. Is She Dating?

It is not a new thing for Keke Palmer to fall in love with a man, for she already stayed in multiple relationships. For now, Keke is reportedly dating musical artist Elvin Jackson. According to sources, Keke and Elvin started dating from the beginning in late 2017. Hence, it means they are in love for more than a year now.

Keke Palmer is reportedly dating Elvin Jackson
Keke Palmer and her rumored boyfriend Elvin Jackson. Source: Mto News

Nevertheless, neither Keke nor Elvin posts their photos together on Instagram. Hence, there is enough space for one to guess that they are nothing more than just friends. So, we would love to call the duo rumored couple for now. Furthermore, we also wish them all the luck in love.

Is Keke Palmer Bisexual?

When one celebrity is single for some time, people start speculating them to be bisexual. As she stated herself about not having time for serious matters, dating someone who is closer would be fine for her.

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In an interview with Wet Paint, she openly revealed her thoughts over same-sex relationships. It might be because of her depression, she actually opened the way for both girl and boy.

‘I don’t care if my love is boy or girl, where there is love, there will not be no-go. Even if the person is him or her, I do not care much.’

Keke Palmer Dating History

Please do not think Keke to be bisexual, as it is just a thought. She already was in a relationship with few guys before that proves her not to be lesbian as well.

Keke Palmer Rumoured To Be Dating Quincy Brown

Few years back, Keke was rumored having affair with Quincy Brown. The rumor existed as people saw them together in different places. As they were close enough, people started speculating them to be in relation. Once the duo updated on their social media about being a couple. People were shocked but then realized about being April fooled.

Keke Palmer & Quincy Brown
Keke Palmer & Quincy Brown spotted at CIAA Tournament

Photo Credit: talking with tami

Well, this duo only existed in some fooling action and gossip, as there was no real proof.

August Alsina’s Name Comes Second

In the year 2015, August Alsina’s name came as her boyfriend. As indicated in Bossip, she was in his car. Also, she posted a picture in her Instagram account about August’s cooking.

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Likewise, she posted a picture with a love sign, but this link up is also not confirmed.

Keke and Cory Hardrict’s Accused Relationship

In fall of 2015, she was accused of being in Cory Hardrict’s extramarital affair. Tia Mowry, Cory’s wife was the one to accuse her. Later she managed to clear all issues. In fact, she also revealed Cory being her childhood friends.

Keke Palmer & Cory Hardict
Keke Palmer And Cory Hardrict Talk ‘Brotherly Love’ Film During Chicago Screening

Picture Source: Vibe

She mentioned her childish wish she made when young. What she dreamt of was, to marry Hardrict. But it didn’t go as she expected it to be!

Keke Palmer’s Net Worth: How Much Is Her Fortune?

The American actress, singer, rapper, songwriter, and presenter, Keke Palmer has an estimated total net worth of around $7.5 million as of 2019. She earned her worth from her career in the entertainment industry. As an actress, she earns around $50 thousand per year while as a singer, she earns $45 thousand per year.

The lady, who will co-host Strahan and Sara with Michael Strahan, has appeared in as much as 88 movies and tv shows to date. She received a salary of around $20 thousand for her appearance in the TV series, True Jackson. Her $20 thousand earnings per episode of True Jackson made her a total of $520 thousand for her first season. For her second season, she earned $400 thousand and for her third season appearance, she earned $280 thousand.