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Is ‘BBC Look North,’ weather presenter Keeley Donovan has a boyfriend or is she already married? Talks about her wedding and personal details!

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Everyone likes to scoop on the personal life of beautiful girls even if she isn’t popular. Stunning looks and perfect body make girls have great admirers and fans. Girls even can’t deny this truth to their personal life.

Weather Girl, Keeley Donovan, is considered to be the hottest girl. She has a good look with a great physique. ‘Such a beautiful girl must have a boyfriend or should have an affair with someone,’ many people would think so. Today, we are going to unravel the personal life of Donovan, so be with us:

Dating a boyfriend or already married?

Glamorous weather girl “Keeley Donovan” is a similar face to most of the people. She forecasts a weather show called BBC Look North and is also a co-presenter of the show ‘Countryfile Diaries.’ Let’s have a look on her from her Instagram post:

Caption: “Keeley Donovan” More Than a Weather Girl, Becomes a Co-presenter for Countryfile Diaries.

Talking about Donovan’s married life, she hasn’t revealed such details to the media. She just shows her cute, lovely smile and talks no more when someone asks about her personal life. Whether she has an affair with someone, or she is dating a boyfriend, the truth lies within her only.

It’s her top secret! May be she doesn’t find talking about her personal issues relevant to her career. Or, she doesn’t want her married life to become the subject of the press and her fans. And by looking at her work flow she has her full concentration on her career life.

Regardless, there are some tweets in Donovan’s twitter account which slightly resembles she may be married or engaged.

Caption: East Coast Media wishes Congratulation to Keeley on Her Engagement. 12 January 2011

Another tweet on Donovan’s account referred a name which might be her fiancee or a husband:

Caption: Emma Glasbey Compliments Donovan and Scott and Congratulates. 11 May 2012

From these tweets, we can assume that Keeley is already engaged but has not flashed any information regarding her wedding with her husband. Scott may be her husband but without any actual information or announcement, we can’t say for sure, but rather we only can guess or make some assumption.

Whenever Keeley talks about her wedding or husband on media, we will update you all with all the facts. For now what we can say is Kelley is engaged to her work and is totally focused on her professional life rather than that of personal life.

Keeley Emma’s Short Bio!

Keeley Emma Donovon is an English Journalist and Broadcaster, who was born on 14 May 1983 in Grimsby, Humberside, England. Keeley Donovan age is 34, as of now and she is a daughter of Liverpool’s’ professional football player Terry Donovan.

She completed her BA at De Montfort University and post-graduate NVQ Diploma in Broadcast Journalism at Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education according to her wiki. Keeley is tall enough for her height which compliments her physique.

As Keeley prefers not to talk about personal life, she hasn’t revealed her salary and net worth openly. Taking consideration of her success and working plans, she sure has a hefty income and amazing net worth.

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