Like mother like son!

Entire music fraternity was distraught after the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin left us in August 2018. She died aged 76 from pancreatic cancer. Most importantly, she was the first ever woman to be installed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. People are eagerly waiting to explore Aretha Franklin children and her family details.

Amongst Aretha Franklin’s four children, today we will uncover about her youngest son, Kecalf Cunningham. Many music enthusiasts are keen to know who Kecalf Cunningham wife is. Also, they desire to find out more about Kecalf Cunningham children, or we say, Aretha Franklin grandchildren. Hence, let’s take a peek at Kecalf Cunningham bio, net worth, wife, children, age, siblings, parents, and wiki facts.

Who is Aretha Franklin Son, Kecalf Cunningham?

Kecalf Cunningham is a rapper and hip-hop artist. Following his mother’s footsteps, he began music career as a Christian rapper.

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Kecalf’s mother, Aretha helped him a lot to amass success in the music career. He performed multiple times with his mother on stage. He grabbed the limelight after accompanying his mother in 2008’s Radio City Music Hall concert. The same year, The New York Times wrote:

“An interlude featuring her son Kecalf Cunningham, a Christian rapper, who came with a backpack, a hoodie and some cheap-sounding recorded tracks.’’

In 2017, Kecalf performed together with his mother at the unveiling of Aretha Franklin Way, a street renamed in her honor.

Kecalf’s raps are stories of the bible and sharing gospels. His music is inspired by old-school beats with black and white videos complemented by a piano. One verse from his rap says:


Kecalf Cunningham’s Wife and Children

Aretha Franklin son, Kecalf is a married man. He is married to his wife, Kafi Franklin, for decades. As per the reports, Kecalf and his wife, Kafi, welcomed five daughters and a son. His daughter, Victorie Franklin is a singer and songwriter. She has performed at several family functions, including her grandmother, Aretha’s Christmas party in 2016.

Kecalf Cunningham children, kids
Caption: Kecalf Cunningham’s son, Jordan, and daughter, Victorie.

Kecalf’s son, Jordan Franklin is a music producer. His youngest daughter, Gracie Franklin is just 12 years old.

Kecalf Cunningham’s Net Worth: How Much Is His Fortune?

Delving into Kecalf Cunningham’s net worth, the Christian rapper has collected most of his net worth from the sales of his albums. As a music artist, his net worth is minimal. Nevertheless, he is likely to receive his mother, Aretha Franklin net worth. Even though her ‘last will’ is unavailable, Kecalf Cunningham net worth will increase after he receives one-fifth of Aretha’s properties.

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But what’s the figure of Kecalf Cunningham net worth in 2019?

As of 2019, Kecalf Cunningham’s net worth is set at around $22 million. The amount of his fortune comes from his late mother, Aretha Franklin’s net worth of $80 million during her death. Since Aretha left now will, her wealth was divided among four of her children. So, this means, each of her children received $20 million following their mother’s demise.

Following Aretha Franklin’s passing, her family is now in a battle with the IRS. The IRS claims that the late singer has to pay $6.3 million in back taxes. Likewise, her family also needs to pay the $1.5 million in penalties.  According to the David Bennett, as much as $3 million has been paid in back taxes to the IRS.

Kecalf’s family, in addition to the IRS problems, also had another problem in hand. A publishing company has recently filed a new lien that wants $136,000 for royalties. The royalties were asked in connection for the 1973 song, Angel.

Aretha Franklin’s son Kecalf Cunningham Served Jail Time

The singing sensation’s youngest son, Kecalf Cunningham was serving jail time since October 2018. The 48 years’ old was pulled over in Michigan by law enforcement. It was just two months after his mother’s demise due to pancreatic cancer.

Kecalf plead guilty to driving under the influence on December 19, 2018, and he was since, given a maximum sentence of 93 days in jail. The man was serving prison time till February 26, 2019, and now, he is as free as a bird.

Kecalf Cunningham Bio – Wiki: Age, Siblings, Parents, Instagram

Kecalf Cunningham was born in 1970. His mother, Aretha Franklin gave birth to him at the age of 28.

After Aretha divorced her first husband, Ted White, she was in a short-lived relationship with her road manager, Ken Cunningham. They never got married but welcomed a son together and named him “Kecalf Cunningham.” While dating his father, Ken, Aretha reportedly enjoyed an affair with The Temptations frontman, Dennis Edwards. Dennis later accused her of “treating her boyfriends like her servants.”

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Kecalf has three siblings from her mother’s side – Clarence Franklin, Edward Franklin, and Ted White Jr. His mother, Aretha had always encouraged him to pursue his dreams and interest in music. His name is an acronym of Ken E. Cunningham and Aretha Louise Franklin full names.

Kecalf celebrates his birthday on March 28 that makes his age 48. He is of African-American ethnicity.

Kecalf isn’t active on any social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.