With a gorgeous face and sweet voice, Katy Mixon has become one good TV personality. If you think her to be a supermodel, you are wrong; but we can say she is a super TV personality. If you do not know exactly who she is, we would like to take you back to the year 2010, when the popular series Mike and Molly was aired on CBS network. She was not the one who played the lead role, but Katy was the one to play as Melissa McCarthy’s sister.

In this column, today we will be discussing Katy Mixon pregnant news and also about her marital status with boyfriend Breaux Greer.

Katy Mixon is engaged with Boyfriend Breaux Greer. Did They Marry?

Before jumping directly to her marital status, let us first notify you about how this beautiful couple met. Katy was hooking up with Bobby Dean back in the year 2010. After three years of hook-ups, in 2013, the duo broke up.

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Soon after breaking up with Bobby, though was controversial, she came to limelight with the news of having affair with a new guy. The new guy turned out to be Breaux Greer, with whom she is already engaged; ET Online confirmed.

[UPDATED] Katy and her husband Breaux tied the knot but the date of their wedding is unavailable. Moreover, they also have two children, a son and a daughter. Their son was born in May 2017 while their daughter was born exactly a year after in 2018.


Is Katy Mixon Pregnant? What’s The News of Their Baby?

Recently, the news of their baby came to highlight. Actually, the baby does not exist, but the news of them expecting the baby came around. Thus, we can confirm that Katy Mixon is pregnant. People confirmed the news of being pregnant. Here is the statement given by them to People:

‘We are happy and truly excited!’

We too are truly excited about this scoop. If you want to know more about the forthcoming baby, follow Live Rumours; we will be updating more news!

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[Updated] Katy Mixon and Breaux Greer are parents of two children, a son, and a daughter. They welcomed their son and daughter in May 2017 and in May 2018 respectively.

Katy Mixon is Serious about Her Weight

Hmm… it is natural for pregnant women to worry about their weight. Like that, she is also serious about her weight. Recently, she disclosed about not having any issues till date to Fox News, but still, she wants to be fit.

Katy stated:

‘Till now, I have never disclosed any issues regarding weight to media.’

‘I love to be who I am right now. I am trying to be fit and healthy as much as I can; but I cannot control when cupcake is in front of me!’

Well, we would like to wish heart full of luck to her in maintaining weight and stay fit as she already gave birth to two babies. 

Katy Mixon’s Net Worth: How Much Wealth Has He Amassed? 

The actress Katy Mixon, who has 32 acting credits under her name has a net worth of around $10 million. She made her worth from her career as an actor as she makes as much as $50 thousand per year from her acting career. 

The movies Katy has appeared in has made huge box office collections. Some of her movies are The Quiet ($381,000), Four Christmases ($163,730,000), State of Play ($87,810,000), All About Steve ($40,100,000), Take Shelter ($3,100,000), and many more.