The fiance of Shannon Sharpe, Katy Kellner shocked the internet with her pregnancy picture. The shocking thing about this news is that her fiance is not the one who impregnated her.

Katy Kellner is a Chicago based fitness instructor who owns the Thousand Oaks Gym. She is also the regional director of Flywheel Sports. She is a woman who believes in fitness and enjoys working out. Even, Shannon and Katy first met in a gym while working out.

So, let’s explore everything about Katy Kellner relationship status, partner, pregnancy, wiki, bio, net worth, and age.

The fiance of Shannon Sharpe, Katy Kellner

Both Katy and Shannon shared the same interest in working out and fitness. Katy is a professional gym and fitness instructor whereas Shannon is a former professional NFL player.

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Katy Kellner and Shannon SharpeSource: MediaTakeOut

Shannon Sharpe is the brother of former NFL star player Sterling Sharpe who played as a wide receiver. Shannon himself is an elite NFL player who played for the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens as a Tight end. In his career, he won many trophies like Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, and numerous titles.

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Shannon’s and Katy’s love grew as they started to see each other more often in the gym. After a little while, they started dating each other and found out that they were perfect for each other.

The duo took time to decide if they should really date or not. The duo used to meet up at the gym and workout together. The pair went on dates, but not on any fancy restaurants. They dated at the gym, their workout was their meal. 

As Katy revaled, Fitness had a positive effect on hitheir relationship as it was a common interest that both of them were passionate about. They used to spend their quality times working out at the gym. 

Without any further delays, Shannon proposed to Katy and they engaged in 2017

The Downfall of Katy Kellner Relationship

Shannon was once accused of sexual assault by Michelle Bundy. Bundy even filed a restraining order against Shannon in the Atlanta court in 2010

Though all of such things had happened in Shannon’s life, it wasn’t at all true. In fact, Shannon was falsely accused and it was found that Michelle was fabricating the reports. 

Similarly, the same might have also happened to his current relationship. However, there is not much information regarding their relationship. So, we don’t know why the couple went their separate ways.

But, as things stood, the real reason for their separation is rumored to be Katy Kellner’s pregnancy. As it stood, soon after Katy and her partner’s breakup, the lady took to her Instagram to share her baby bump. 

Well, most people thought it was of her former fiance, Shannon. But, it was not! It was of his gym partner, Marlon Byrd. Well, this might be the reason behind their break up, after all! What do you guys think? 

Katy Kellner Pregnant

It sounds shocking when we hear that someone impregnates another man’s fiance. Similarly, the news of Katy’s pregnancy shocked everyone.

Katy was impregnated by the guy standing in the picture. His name is Marlon Byrd who is also the co-owner of the Thousand Oaks Gym. Now, we know that the two have been in a relationship for a while because it takes nine months to have a baby which means they started seeing each other before that which gives us a rough figure of 1 year.

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In the meantime, there isn’t any information about breaking her engagement with Sharpe. This also allows us to speculate that their relationship turned sour way back even though the couples didn’t make any comment about it.


Katy Kellner is now a mother. She gave birth to her son, Jaden Charles Byrd on 7 December 2018 weighing 7 pounds and 2 ounces.

Net Worth of Katy Kellner

In her early days, Katy was a teacher at the Public School of Fulton County. She did earn few amounts from there as well. Later, she wanted to pursue her career in fitness and opened a gym and became a fitness instructor.

Caption: Katy Kellner, the fitness instructor

Nowadays, the fitness industry is booming, and as a gym owner, she must earn a pretty good amount of money. However, she is little secretive about her earnings and net worth due to which there is not any official information about her net worth.

As of 2020, Katy’s net worth is $1.5 million. As already stated a number of time before, she made her worth from her career as a fitness instructor. 

Katy Kellner Wiki-Bio

There is not any information about her birth age and other personal stuff. However, looking in her picture, she is a woman who seems to be in her late 30’s.

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Katy is a graduate in BA in education from the Elmhurst college as well as she also holds a master’s degree certificate from Troy University in Instructional technolog

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