Some celebrities prefer to keep a distance from social media, and don’t want any attention drawn to their personal life. Here we are talking about Katrina Milosevic who belongs to one of those celebrities.

Yes, Katrina is a private lady, and her huge fan following might like to take a look into her personal life. A lot of question may have appeared in the heart of her fans like who is her boyfriend? Does she have any wedding plans? Let’s find out about her age, nationality and weight loss and details of her bio along with details of Katrina net worth.

Who is Katrina’s secret boyfriend, Are they married?

The beautiful and talented actress Katrina Milosevic has made appearances in many television programs and theater productions. She is well known for her promoted role as Sue Jenkins in the prison drama TV series “Wentworth.” Well, Karina doesn’t like to talk much about her love life, but she has been dating a guy named Rodney Hawksworth. Katrina’s boyfriend is recently working in outback NSW along with Justin Theroux on the US TV show ‘The Leftovers.’

Me n the Rod.

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Being a private lady, Katrina has never openly talked about her dating life as she dislikes sharing much about her personal life in front of the social media. She might have her wedding plans which she doesn’t want to share with the public as of now. Maybe in future, she would, but for now, she is tightlipped about her marriage plans with boyfriend Rodney Hawksworth. Katrina has 25.6k followers on her Twitter account.

Katrina Milosevic weight loss and Diet plans;

Nowadays, Weight loss is trending among many celebrities. Celebrities are losing their weight like dropping a bag of bricks. The actress like Katrina is using a little-known secret to speed up with the dieting. She has recently made improvements in her weights and looks much slimmer and healthier. Katrina debuted an outstanding 45-pound drop in weight which horrified her many followers and media.

Previously, she revealed her views concerning being comfortable about her size and weight. She was not planning to change her condition. Nevertheless, something should have encouraged her on Mike as well as Molly star to set out a life-altering path to increase the quality or being in good health.

Katrina’s wiki-like bio;

Not every celebrity likes to open up about their personal life to media. Likewise, Australian actress, Katrina Milosevic kept her life private, so she is in no mood to reveal her birth date, but according to her wiki, her age is 41. She grew up in Australia with her parents and holds an Australian nationality.

In 1997, Katrina graduated from Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NISDA) with a degree in Performing Arts (Acting). After graduation, she started working on the series like “The Games” and “Blue Heelers.” In 2003, she got nominated for the Most Popular New Talent-Female at the Logie Awards 2004 for the recurring role of Sophie Novak in “Stingers.” In 2005, she cast the TV shows like “Little Oberon” as Kelly Katsis, “Fat Pig” (September 2006), “Neighbours” (2008), “Gross Und Klein” (2010). She had a starring part in “Wentworth” as Sue “Boomer” Jenkins in 2013 and will appear in the 5th season of “Winners and Losers.” Although she has appeared in various TV shows, Katrina hasn’t received Awards.

Popular New Talent-Female nominated Milosevic has played the role of a variety of character in different TV shows that have projected net worth of thousands of Australian dollars.