Medical interventions are the miracle. When a young girl, Katie Stubblefield attempted suicide by aiming the rifle at the chin, she survived, surprisingly. But, she lost face. Everyone pointed towards Katie Stubblefield as she became the subject of ridicule in the society.  She underwent more than twenty face surgeries, over four years. And the final, Katie Stubblefield face transplant at the Cleveland Clinic turned success, becoming the youngest person in the US to receive the full face transplant. Let’s go through Katie Stubblefield wiki

Get to know everything about Katie Stubblefield’s wiki, bio, age, face transplant, family, parents, height, and ethnicity.

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Katie Stubblefield Face Transplant

At the age of eighteen years old, Katie Stubblefield felt heartbroken when she noted the boyfriend’s text with another girl. So, she hurriedly went to brother’s home, targeted the rifle at the chin and shot it. And her brother saw Katie Stubblefield with no face.

Katie Stubblefield : wiki, bio, age, face transplant, family, parents, height, ethnicity
Caption; Katie Stubblefield is the 40th person to undergo the procedure. Pic: National Geographic


Katie Stubblefield was immediately taken to the hospital where doctors sewed every possible skin grafts, stabilized jaws and eyes. However, the skin grafts continued to fall since she lost a larger portion of the face. Eventually, doctors of Cleveland Clinic suggested the need of face transplant.

Fortunately, doctors sought a match in Adrea Schneider, a 31-year-old who passed away due to a drug overdose. Eleven surgeons initiated working on Katie Stubblefield face for 31 hours of operation course, first saving her life and then repairing the damages. And the outcome was marvelous.

Katie Stubblefield parents

In the beginning, Katie Stubblefield parents, Robb and Alesia were devastated by what happened to their daughter. Then, they started to develop courage for themselves and daughter, who would fight the stares on the street.

Katie Stubblefield : wiki, bio, age, face transplant, family, parents, height, ethnicity
Caption; Katie’s parents Alesia and Robb lived in the Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland during Katie’s recovery

Source; Cleveland Clinic

When doctors persuaded the need of face transplant, Katie Stubblefield was unfamiliar with the terms. Well, she wasn’t alone in the surgery combat because her parents have always backed up. So, they explained what face transplant exactly meant. Katie Stubblefield survived the hope of living again on hearing that her face would function as before.

Katie Stubblefield Wiki-Bio

Currently, Katie Stubblefield age is 21 years old. She attempted suicide at the age of eighteen years. Katie Stubblefield received new face structure, lips, nose, jaws, palate, and everything that a face needs.

Now, she aspires to pursue the career of counselor or teacher and enroll the missed college. With a new face, Katie Stubblefield wishes to work with other survivors and prevent suicide as possible.

“Life is precious, and life is beautiful. Life is a gift,” Stubblefield says. “No matter what you are walking through, there is someone that you can talk to. There’s always help available when you hit that low point. I’m very thankful to be in a position to share about that.”