Katie Piper stays in the receptive minds of more than half a million of followers and known by millions not because she is a popular actor, singer, or your best player. Piper is rather famous for her motivational and inspirational shows and speech on philanthropy backed by the strength she collected through her own suffering she overcame before she chose for altruism.

She supports the burn victims through the Katie Piper Foundation and delivers motivational speeches. She has started campaigning worldwide in support of the burn victims and has now become a public figure.

In this short Katie Piper wiki bio, we are going to present her personal life for you. Who the motivational campaigner is married to, how her wedding took place, who her husband is and how their married life is going along with her children details, and net worth.

Katie Piper Before And Now

The weirdly beautiful philanthropist, the best selling international author, the charity campaigner, and the TV presenter Katie Piper was not like this before as she is now.

Before she started campaigning for the burn victims, she had serious adversity in her life. Her boyfriend conspired to burn her face with sulfuric acid. We will narrate the acid burn history under the subheading Katie Piper boyfriend and husband. The irremovable scars she has over her whole body is because of that acid attack.

Before that acid attack, she was involved in modeling. The acid attack on her happened in 2008, and before that, she was about to make her way through the glamour world. She had gone to shoot for various national newspapers in the UK and was about to be crowned as the 2006 Miss Winchester beauty pageant. Her exposure to the media gave her a good opportunity to move to London where she was to work as a presenter for several digital TV programmes.

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Now that she was attacked in her own boyfriend’s conspiracy, her promising future into the glamour world halted. She had to undergo a long treatment after the plastic surgery and then again to France for scarce management.

Now only after her strong determination that she has been able to completely transform her life from the acid attack survivor to a published author, TV presenter a burn victim campaigner and a motivational philanthropist.

Caption: The inspirational Katie Piper speech and writing now have surpassed the adversity she went through before this philanthropist job

Katie Piper Boyfriend and The Acid Attack

It was in March 2008 that she fell victim to the acid attack. Her face was completely burnt, and her left eye went blind. How did all this happen?

Katie was dating boyfriend David Lynch after they knew each other on Facebook. Before it was more than two weeks of their love shares, David Lynch demanded they meet secretly in a hotel. It was now that the betrayer had arranged for Stefan Sylvestre to throw sulfuric acid on her face.

Katie Piper face before acid attack
Katie Piper face before and after the acid attack

Katie had 40 operations for the complete treatment of the burn, and she had to wear a plastic mask on her face for 23 hours a day.

After a year of the attack, she launched the Katie Piper Foundation a more specialist support for the burn victims.

Katie Piper Married Life: Husband, Children, and the Pregnant Katie Piper Maternity

Katie Piper was dating Richard Sutton before she got married. They had quite good times together and Katie became pregnant before their wedding. She gave birth to the first of her children, daughter Belle in March 2014. After she was in maternity, the lovers got married in November 2015.

Katie Piper’s good qualities stood her out also in maternity along with her philanthropist campaigns for the burn victims. Now she is pregnant ready to welcome the second child of the Piper-Sutton family and will be prouder to become the mother of two children.

Caption: Katie Piper maternity dress for the pregnant women.

Katie Piper’s married life is perfect. She has got full support from her husband that’s why she has been able to live a completely free life moving for motivation and making the maternity dress for mothers. She frequently makes herself visible as the Katie Piper maternity, kpmaternity in short, wearing the typical maternity dress designed for the pregnant women.

Caption: Pregnant Katie Piper ready to welcome the second of her children in the Katie Piper maternity dress exhibition

Katie Piper became a mother for the second time, though the time remains hidden. Nevertheless, we knot the name of her second child, a daughter again, Penelope Piper. 

Katie Piper Net Worth 2017

Katie Piper’s life has ever gained strengths after strengths after she exposed herself out now overcoming the acid attack. She has taken part in several TV shows, traveled to different nations as an inspirational role model, offers the maternity model for the Katie Piper maternity. Piper was chosen as the Woman of the Year 2011 and was honored with special recognition award at the Pride of Britain Awards at London. She also contributes weekly for the NOW Magazine columns writing as a living guru.

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She must have learned a good amount of wealth that accounts for her net worth. As of 2017, Katie Piper net worth has crossed million in US$.

As of 2019, Piper’s net worth is $3 million which is likely to increase in the days to come.

Katie Piper Wiki Bio

Katie Piper was born on August 25, 1983, in Andover, Hampshire, England, UK. She has a quite successful altruistic philanthropist life now but had an incredible acid attack survival before. Now she lives with her husband and a daughter and is about to welcome the second of her children. At present, she is 35 years of age.

The brutal acid attack was all conspired by her previous boyfriend David Lynch in March 2008 at the age of 24. First, she was raped and then acid was thrown on her face and body which destroyed her beautiful body and face. She underwent an intense sequential 40 operation series, and the skin grafts from her back and buttocks gave her a slightly transformed face.

Katie Piper's childhood photo
Katie Piper’s childhood photo

She lost her left eyesight, and her throat and stomach were severely damaged, so she was artificially fed through a tube in her stomach. She was unable to eat and drink at that time.

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After she recovered, Katie Piper decided to reveal the story of her pain and pleasure with the world. Her new complexion and high aspiration were now exposed to millions of viewers through the BAFTA Television Awards’ best documentary ‘Katie: My Beautiful Face’. Then she moved ahead to establish her own charity The Katie Piper Foundation through which she campaigns for the burn victims.

Since then, Katie Piper’s life has reached an enviable height. She has appeared on various TV shows in the UK and throughout the world, has written three number one best-selling books. Her original autobiography has been translated into various different languages.