Star of Houston Knights Kathryn Holcomb is an American actress. She was born in 1951 and is 68 years old now. Holcomb’s diligent and catchy personality is what her fans love. After working in a number of well-performing movies she rose to fame and won everyone’s heart.

From having a heartbreaking divorce to remarrying and building a happy family, Kathryn went through a lot of complications. This mother of two raised her sons in a perfect manner and gave them her shadow of love and respect. Furthermore, Holcomb managed a handsome amount of fortune.

Who Is Kathryn Holcomb?

The 68 years old actress, Kathryn Holcomb set out to capture fame after starring in How The West Was Won. There Holcomb co-worked with  James ArnessEva Marie Saint, and Bruce Boxleitner.  Following her work, Holcomb started to attract new deals and offers. Later, she proceeded to work in Jim Byrnes and Albert S. Ruddy directed movie The Macahans. 

Kathryn Holcomb is the star of How The West Was Won
Kathryn Holcomb

After managing to work through thick and thin, Kathryn landed herself a role in great movies such as Simon & Simon, Houston Knights, and other shows as well as movies. Kathrynn’s strong work ethic provided her the opportunity to work with some famous personalities like Jameson ParkerGerald McRaney, Mary Carver, Michael Pare, and Michael Beck D.

Kathryn Holcomb Relationship. Who Is Her Current Husband?

The Macahans star, Kathryn Holcomb married 74 years old British actor, Ian Ogilvy (which is a similar name of fellow actor Ian McNeice) with whom she is in as right as rain relationship. They married in 1992 and even after 27 years of marriage, complications in their wedding is like a snowball’s chance in hell.

Ian ogilvy is husband of Kathryn Holcomb
Kathryn Holcomb and Ian Ogilvy
Source: Daily Express

The couple dated for one year from 1991 before legal marriage. And, after the union, Kathryn became an American citizen.

Kathryn Holcomb Ex- Husband and Divorce. How Many Children Does She Have?

Yes, guys, Kathryn married twice and prior to Ian, she married the famous American actor, Bruce Boxleitner. Their wedding took place on May 28, 1977. Together they have two children elder son Sam Boxleitner, who was born in 1980 and younger son Lee Boxleitner, who was born in 1985.

Kathryn Holcomb and Bruce married in 1977 and divorced in 1987
The ex-husband of Kathryn Holcomb along with his current wife with and two Son of Kathryn and Bruce

Sadly, after 9 years of marriage, the couple separated in 1987. But, Kathryn moved on through that perfect storm so let’s don’t cry over spilled milk. She is hardly active in any social media unlike her veteran actresses like Berlinda Tolbert, Darleen Carr and others so, not much of her personal information is available.

Kathryn Holcomb Net Worth. How Much Does She Earn?

Working in the entertainment industry for over 3 decades, Kathryn Holcomb accumulated a net worth of around $1 million. Back in the days, she might earn around $100,000 per movie.

YouTube: How The West Was Won Movie Trailer Featuring Kathryn Holcomb

Bruce Boxleitner, the ex-husband of Kathryn possess a net worth of $3 million and when they divorced(judging from the fact that they were together for almost a decade) Kathryn collected around $700,000 as a divorce settlement.

Also, her current husband Ian Ogilvy made a fortune around a million dollars.

Kathryn Holcomb Body Measurement

Kathryn Holcomb sustains a slim body with a height of  5 ft. 7 inches(174 cm.

Quick Facts: Kathryn Holcomb

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How tall is Kathryn Holcomb?

5 ft. 7 inches(174 cm)

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What is the Nationality of Kathryn Holcomb?


What is Kathryn Holcomb Age?


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