The adorable daughter of Laurence Luckinbill and Lucie Désirée Arnaz, Katharine Luckinbill has taken over the hearts of many with her acting skills and friendly persona. Her jolly and outgoing personality matches perfectly with her charming looks.

Despite coming from a family that is renowned all over the entertainment industry, she manages to maintain a humble and modest attitude.

Who is Katharine Luckinbill?

Katharine Luckinbill was born on January 11, 1985, in New York City, USA as Katharine Desiree Luckinbill. She grew up in a family full of stars and people of influence.

Katharine Luckinbill is the daughter of an American actor, playwright, and director Laurence Luckinbill and an American actress, singer and producer Lucie Désirée Arnaz. Her mother is the daughter of the actress Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Similarly, her maternal uncle, Desi Jr, is also an actor.

With Katherine’s long family history in the entertainment industry, needless to say, she also became an actress. She is renowned for her role of Zoe in the movie College Debts (2015)Crack Whores in Captain Incredible (2006) and Me Time With Frangela (2018).

Is Katharine Luckinbill In a Relationship? Know More About Her Personal Life.

Even though very little is known about Katharine Luckinbill’s previous relationships, she is very eager to reveal details about her current relationship with her spouse Jeff Connor.

YouTube: Jeff Connor & Kate Luckinbill

Katharine wore an elegant White-Basque dress when she walked down the aisle with her father Laurence Luckinbill. The grand wedding took place around July of 2016 in the Seattle Aquarium.

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All the members of the Luckinbill family were present along with Katherine’s and Jeff’s friend circle.

On April 25th of 2019, Katharine Luckinbill was spotted with her in the Hollywood Museum in Los Angeles California. She seemed visibly pregnant with her first child, a baby boy.

What is Katharine Luckinbill’s Net Worth?

While Katharine Luckinbill is very cautious to hide her assets and the details about her wealth from the public, her prominent family background makes the job tougher for her. Katharine has amassed a net worth of around $500 thousand.

The estimated net worth of Katharine’s father, Laurence Luckinbill is $4 million. He amassed his fortune from a prosperous career as an actor, playwright, and a director. Similarly, Katharine’s mother who was an American actress, singer, dancer, and producer flaunts a net worth of $20 million.

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Katharine herself has earned a large wealth through her thriving career in various movies and television shows.

What are Katharine Luckinbill’s Body Measurements?

Katharine Luckinbill flaunts a beautiful hourglass-shaped curvy figure. Her stunning brown hair and eyes add up to her appeal.

Quick Facts: Katharine Luckinbill

What is the birthplace of Katharine Luckinbill?

New York City

Which nationality does Katharine Luckinbill belong to?


What is the ethnicity of Katharine Luckinbill?


What is Katharine Luckinbill’s zodiac?


What color are the eyes of Katharine Luckinbill?


What is the color of Katharine Luckinbill ’s hair?


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