Sustaining the married life with a single partner happily until death obstructs, is a big challenge for most of the people. Too many relationships are ended in divorce after the marriage. But what about Kate Ritchie’s married life? Kate Ritchie is an Australian actress in television and radio personality famous for her role as Sally Fletcher in Home and Away. Is she happy with her husband and living a blissful married life? Let’s know the details on Kate Ritchie married life along with her children.

Kate Ritchie Married; Know Her Husband!

Kate Ritchie has been married to her husband for seven years. She married her then-boyfriend Stuart Webb in an intimate country-style wedding on 25th September 2010. Stuart and Kate were engaged a year before on holiday in Europe on 9th October 2009. The couple wanted to keep their marriage private, so they didn’t let the press to attend their wedding ceremony.

Kate and Stuart

Caption: Kate Ritchie married to a husband, Stuart Webb.

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Kate Ritchie Divorce!!! Has She split With Her Husband?

The rumors of a split with a husband always swirled around on Kate Ritchie’s married life. Many people even speculated that the couple has split with a divorce. Amid the split rumors, Kate and Stuart were spotted in a romantic embrace at Sydney airport in July 2017. Her husband surprised her by arriving at the airport. She was returning from a mother-daughter trip to Fiji then. Kate Ritchie’s husband Stuart embraced her and planted a kiss on Kate’s lip. Such a romantic moment denied the rumors of a split and their divorce.

Sydney Airport

Caption: Kate and her husband put an end to the rumor of their split and a divorce.

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We hope Kate Ritchie’s divorce rumors will always be a rumor and they will together enjoy their married life forever!

Kate Ritchie Children

Kate Ritchie and her husband, Stuart share a beautiful daughter, Mae. She gave birth to her first child, a daughter Mae on 17th August 2014. Five months earlier Kate had announced that she was pregnant with her first child in May 2017. She had previously kept her daughter Mae private away from the media. She posted many pictures of her daughter on Instagram in which Mae’s face was never revealed. But on 17th November 2017, she took to Instagram to share a photo of her 3-year old daughter, with her face revealed.

I don’t often share this most precious being but sometimes I am tired of protecting her and want to rejoice in her 🌈 She is full of wonder in so many ways and she also helps me to simply be me | to pat myself on the back | to be patient | to care for other families | to appreciate the value of equality | to make plans | to want to be the best version of me | to realise I can have a go at anything | to accept myself | to count to ten and reassess | to stand up for myself and for girls | to love | to be loved | to curb my foul mouth | to appreciate the simple things | to donate when you can and be kind when you can’t because sometimes that is way more valuable | to be 😌😌😌 #letlittlepeopleleadtheway #letlittlepeopleteachus #love #friday #mae #youareeverything

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Caption: Kate Ritchie’s daughter, Mae.

Kate loves motherhood and enjoys spending time with her daughter. She gushed to The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine last year:

I love [motherhood]. I really do. My only fear is that I will become a complete hermit and never leave the house because I adore being with her [daughter Mae]. I want to spend every minute with her and talk to her

Kate Ritchie Pregnant

Kate announced that she was pregnant with a first child in May 2014. While Kate was pregnant with her first child Mae, she wrote letters to her unborn baby so that she could read the letters to her child when they grow older. Kate released a children’s book; I Just Can’t Wait To Meet You, last year. She shared her experience of being pregnant with her child, Mae.

Belly Bump

Kate Ritchie shows off her growing tummy in a figure-hugging black dress at VIP Coldplay concert in Sydney.

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In June 2017, Kate revealed that she would like to get pregnant once again. When asked about having more children, she said:

Of course! Well, I think so! It’s the question on everybody’s lips all of the time not just for me, but for everybody. I would love to have more children, but for now, May’s wonderful and I’m just enjoying her

So, when will she get pregnant with her second child? It’s the question on everyone’s mind. Well, the statement confirms that she wants to have more children with her husband. She will get pregnant once again so at the time we will be here waiting to update you all!

 Kate Ritchie’s Wiki-Bio: Age, Height, and Net worth!

Born in the year 1978 in Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia, Kate Ritchie’s birthday is on the 14th of August. With the last birthday celebration, Kate Ritchie’s age is 39.

Kate Ritchie’s height is 5 feet 4 inch. In meters, Kate Ritchie’s height is 1.63 m.

Kate was born to the parents Heather and Steve.

As an Australian actress, Kate Ritchie’s net worth must be high as she has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. She is the brand ambassador of QV Skincare. She also co-hosts the Nova FM’s show “Kate, Tim & Marty” since 2013. Thus, she has earned a sufficient amount of money contributable to her millions of net worth. As of 2017, Kate Ritchie’s net worth is around $4 million.