The British TV presenter, Kate Humble came to the spotlight through wildlife and science segments on BBC. She event hosted some of the famous shows like Top Gear, Tomorrow’s World, and The Hottest Place on Earth.

The 50-year-old lady, Kate Humble generally work in reality and documentary programs but also tried her hands on action movies like The Runner and The Secret Life of Ian Fleming. From her long and illustrious career, many wonders how much money has she accumulated? Let’s learn more about the TV host’s net worth and salaries down below.

How much is Kate Humble’s Net Worth? She’s A Millionaire

The hottie of Top Gear, Kate Humble holds an estimated net worth of $9 million. She makes most of her wealth from her career as the host of reality/documentary TV shows.

Kate Humble on the Top Gear show
Kate Humble on the Top Gear show.
Source: Instagram

Moving on to her salaries, as a former host of one of the most well-known series, her salary at that time was around $1.3 million. The average payroll of a TV presenter in the UK starts at $396 thousand and the highest amount of wage a TV presenter makes is $2 million a year.

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Despite being a millionaire, the successful TV host Kate likes to live a peaceful and not so lavish life. With all her money, she currently lives in Wye Valley with her husband.

The price of a house in that area can range from £385 thousand to £675 thousand. Moreover, in US dollars the prices of the houses resemble $508,462 and $891,459 respectively.

Kate Humble Likes to Travel In Different Places Around The World

Kate Humble travels to different places in the world and explores some of the forgotten tradition of various tribes around the world. Additionally, she covered documentaries on the landlocked country Nepal to the freezing lands of Siberia.

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The host of Curious Creatures (2018), covered The One Show a wildlife show which lasted over nine years. As well as Springwatch a TV documentary show that lasted for over six years.

Who’s Kate Humble’s Husband? When Did They First Meet?

Kate Humble tied the knot with her high school sweetheart, Ludo Graham. Kate and her husband met for the first time when Kate was only sixteen years old. After dating for a long time, the loving duo exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony in Newbury, Berkshire in the year 1992.

Kate Humble with her husband and pet dog
Kate Humble with her husband and pet dog.
Source: The Mirror

The loving duo of husband and wife moved to Trellech in the Wye Valley in 2010 and plan on living in the area for a long time. The couple shares a very strong bond in their married life and similarly, the lovers remain free from any extramarital rumor and controversies.

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Humble and her husband Ludo are now married for over a decade and a half, but, they are yet to conceive any children of their own. She made it clear in the past interview, that she doesn’t plan on having any offsprings of her own.

According to her, she decided on not having children back when she was only 14-year old. During the interview, she even broke down in tears while discussing how society still had a stigma over women who do not want any children.

Many of her critics even stated how she substituted her maternal love to that of animal love for which Kate blatantly denied, she never substituted in anything.

Quick Facts of Kate Humble

How old is Kate Humble?

50 years old

What are the names of Kate Humble parents?

Nick Humble (Father) Diana Carter (Mother)

Does Kate Humble have siblings?

One brother, Charlie Humble

Which school did Kate Humble graduate from?

The Abbey School

What’s Kate Humble’s nationality?


Which ethnicity/race does Kate Humble belong to?


What’s Kate Humble’s height?

5 feet 9 inches

What’s Kate Humble’s hair color?


What color are Kate Humble’s eyes?