Kat Ramnani was oblivious about a Filipino-British singer, actor, host, and model, Christian Bautista, amidst the dating period. Perhaps, Kat Ramnani was too occupied working as the Globe Telecom manager for content and strategic partnerships. Though the couple’s dating tale initiated with hilarious unfamiliarity they had vowed their prenuptial terms this November in Bali.

What does Kat Ramnani wiki have a say? How did Kat Ramnani husband, Christian Bautista react, when she acknowledged his popularity? Stay tuned with us we’ll be exploring Kat Ramnani’s wiki, age, married, husband, height and family.

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Kat Ramnani Married Life

She married Christian Bautista on 17th November 2018, the day which also reminisced their third anniversary of a relationship. Kat Rumnani graced an Inbal Dror gown and the groom a suit by Francis Libiran.

Kat Ramnani wiki, age, married, husband, height, family
Kat Ramnani married Christian Bautista on 17th November 2018 Source: MSN

Around 80 acquaintances and family members attended the couple’s wedding at Tirtha Chapel. One of the delighted moments in the ceremony was Kat Ramnani singing performance for husband Christian Bautista. She practiced for four months and kept hush about it.

Kat Ramnani Husband

She was clueless on Christian Bautista entity in the entertainment industry. Ramnani was residing in California, which made her unknown about Bautista’s celebrity status. When they initially met, he introduced himself as a singer. While Kat thought of him as an up-and-coming singer, she didn’t have a gist how prominent he was in the Philippines.

Kat Ramnani wiki, age, married, husband, height, family
Christian Bautista and Kat Ramnani Source: YouTube

Amidst their dating period, Christian would take Kat to indeterminate restaurants, so that he could conceal from media. On the contrary, she perceived Christian to be an up-and-coming star to have an obscure date. Kat knew the Philippine star Christian Bautista when her friends identified the picture of him. As a result, it led Kat to google him.

Hey . . . I googled you.’ And then he replied with just a smiley face and I was like, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?'”

Well, he felt awkward to introduce himself into the category of celebrity. On the same note, he relished their dating life this way.

“Of course, I couldn’t introduce myself naman na, ‘Hi, I’m this guy . . . “

Kat Ramnani Wiki-Bio: Age, Early Life, Family, and Ethnicity.

Talking about Kat Rumnani age, she is in the 30s. She has a BA degree in Marketing and Communications at Santa Clara University, a private Jesuit university in Silicon Valley, California. Prior to graduation, she served at Google, as an online community manager. Also, she worked for Orkut, the social networking website owned and operated by Google.

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Besides, she has been the part of Facebook and Apple too. Now, she is the Globe Telecom manager for content and strategic partnerships. Kat Rumnani family details are yet to land in media records. She grew up with Sister Aryana Ramnani. Her ethnicity hails from the blend of Filipino-Indian-Irish-American.