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Is Kat Graham Dating Again? What’s The News of Engagement Drop with Her Boyfriend?

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The relationships always fluctuate; everyday thousands of new relation is born while thousands of them are broken as well. We always get to snoop over celebrity’s life and gain scoop of dating and breaking up in instant. Well, we know that even a single spark could blossom or boom the love life. We are talking about Katherine Graham who stepped up to get engaged with her boyfriend and then later drop it off. What might be the real reason to do so? Today, we shall uncover secrets about Kat Graham dating life and also the real reason of the engagement drop!

What Was The Reason Of Engagement Drop With Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Katherine, 27, who is well-known to the world as Bonnie Bennett of the famous supernatural series ‘The Vampires Dairies’ dropped her engagement and now is supposed to be single. Even though they were working out as fiancé for 5 years, Kat was not able to balance her relationship with her boyfriend.

Kat Graham as Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries
Kat Graham as Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries

Kat was engaged with her boyfriend named Cottrel, and they stepped up for getting engaged in the year 2012, October. Both were very much excited to step up to tie a knot. Kat even exclaimed her happiness to E! Online all about uncompleted wedding plans. What she said was:

‘Well, it’s all over!’

Even though she said something like that in the year 2014, here is something she said to US Magazine later:

‘When one gets close enough and know the other for quite some time, it feels like already married. There’s no rush, we will take it a way it takes!’

Further she also mentioned something about good life:

‘The people must be able to set the limit and horizon before stepping up for marriage. The horizon of course includes understanding!’

‘I do not understand why people focus more on marriage than life. I have seen most of people getting engaged in kindling age and then breaking up. What everyone focuses is to be better more than tying a knot!’

Kat Graham and Cottrell Guidry in Beach
Kat Graham and Cottrell Guidry in Beach

Is Kat Graham Dating Again?

After split, Kat was lost on her own world; we merely were able to get snoops from her life. With the end of her engagement with Cottrell, there is no rumor left around the media. When she was portrayed as Bonnie for the Vampire Diaries, people started speculating her to be in love atmosphere with him again. Well, we don’t know the fact, but is there a glow in their relationship again? After the engagement drop that is!

Jay Pharoah and Kat Graham Together
Jay Pharoah and Kat Graham Dating

In 2015, the new rumor hit the market about Kat hooking up with Jay Pharoah who is one of the well-known American actors. When this gossip came to market, we finally realized that Kat never went back with her ex-boyfriend Cottrell. The 3 million dollar girl, Kat has not announced her dating life with Pharoah till date, but we are expecting her to announce it officially sooner!

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