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Is Kasia Madera Dating Someone? Is She Married Secretly? Know The Truth!

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How in the world you’d be like if the one person you pursue does not share much information? Likewise, we feel it frustrating when stars are secretive and do not share much of their affairs to us. We are talking about famous journalist Kasia Madera who is successful enough to keep all things secret. Today we shall be discussing Kasia Madera dating life, along with confirming if she married secretly or not!

Is Kasia Madera Married Secretly?

Even when Kasia reached the top floor of her career, people merely know her personal detail. She is known to the world of her career, not by some other means. It seems like she has one magic box where she can lock away all her secrets or something.

Kasia Madera Married

When we snooped into her social media like Twitter and Instagram, we were shocked. She has no engagement in social media like others do. She is less engaged with those, and there were merely few pictures and media of her. But when we found her Facebook account, we find it interesting as she was more engaged with Facebook.

Finally a photo of my new arrival, George. He is seven weeks today! Thanks again for all the good wishes. xxx

Kasia Madera paylaştı: 21 Kasım 2011 Pazartesi

We found the pic that mentioned about her son George. He was born in the year 2011, October. We cannot make it sure that she had the boy before marriage, but we simply speculate her to be seeing someone!

Is Kasia Madera Dating Someone?

As said earlier, Kasia Madera is a secretive lady. Thus we also do not know the real information regarding her love life. As written in Who Dates Who, Kasia is not hooking up with anyone. Also, we surfed through other wiki sites, from where we confirmed that there is no relationship of her in her past life as well. From this information, we can be clear that Kasia is very much loyal to the person of whom her son is.

Kasia Madera in New Year

Kasia is intelligent enough not to keep her personal life in the limelight of media. She is also trying to hide information regarding her past love; I mean who the father of her son is.

Who is Kasia Madera?

Kasia, formerly Katarzyna Madera is well-known to the world being newscaster for British TV. Apart from that, she has also been able to be one lucky journalist. Born in the year 1975 October, she joined BBC Network and then became successful.

Who is Kasia Madera

For the first time when she joined BBC Network, she started with 60 seconds bulletin. Soon then she was seen in other shows like BBC World News, Reporters Program and also World News Today. Currently, she is working as news host for BBC News Channel.