If you got talents then its easy to make a lot of money and fame in the 21st century. But if you don’t manage your bank balance well then its a problem. Same things happen for our sensational American YouTube star Karuna Satori who earns tons of cash but she claims to be poor.

Karuna Satori has been making headline since her ups and downs career as a YouTube star and former drug addict. But how about her present situation. Is the Youtuber sober. Let’s know more about her career earning, network and more.

Who is Karuna Satori?

Karina Satori ASMR, also known as Sarah is famous among YouTube community under her alias name as an ASMRtist. Her tingle-including videos have earned her more than 818,324 subscribers and more than 750 videos on her YouTube channel, as of 2019.

The ASMRtist, Karuna launched her YouTube channel KarunaSatoriASMR in October 2013. On her channel, she usually does mainly roleplays and NSFW videos for her beloeved fans followers. Furthermore, she also created a secondary channel Karuna Satori BASIC, featuring her vlogs and her life stories to shwocase more of her lifestyle for her fans.

How Much Does Karuna Satori Earn From Her YouTube Career? Know Her Net Worth.

As a Youtube star, Karuna Satori enjoys the net worth of $500 thousand as of 2019. Karuna gathers her fortunes from her professional YouTube account from both of her two channels on the vide sharing platform.

YouTube: Karuna Satori YouTube Channel.

As a famous Youtuber, she earns a monthly income of around $25,000 to $40,000 and annually around the range starting from $40,000 to $473,000. Her famous YouTube channel KarunaAsMR challenge boosted her wealth with more than 800k subscribers and another channel Karuna Satori BASIC with more 58k subscribers that earns her with more than half a million views on average.

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In 2016, Karuna made an Amazon Wishlist for her children and begged her subscribes to buy the gifts. Thought some people have harshly criticized that action due to her income as YouTuber can reach $2000 to $25000 monthly which should be enough for her to live a lavish life. Furthermore, she was accused by people of wasting all her dollars on high-end makeup, clothes, and tattoos instead of using them for her family.

Never out of controversy during her time as a drug addict, As a claim by some people, they paid $50 for customized ASMR video from her and never receive it. Furthermore, she begged her fan for money to supposedly fix her teeth but around the same time she was supposed to get it, she got a boob job instead and people accused her of using the money she asked for to get her boob job done instead of her teeth.


Karuna Satori claims to be poor yet has money to buy high-end makeup. She claims this is because she grew up rich and isn’t good with the management of money. In addition, she gets around $234-$345 per her endorsement post which further help her live a better lavish life if she manages her income well. Nonetheless, Satori makes a huge amount of money.

Karuna sure earns a lot of money, eh. She recently took to her Instagram to tell her fans that she is a home owner now. Yes, she bought a house but the details related are still kept under the rock. On the IG post, she thanks her fans and appreciates the love her followers have given her. Look at the post yourself!

On November 6, 2019, she again took to her Instagram to share a short video which had a sneak peek of her house.

Congratulations to Karuna for getting her own house!

How Is Karuna Satori Personal Life? Know Her Husband.

Currently, Karuna Satori is a married woman with two beautiful children. She is married to her husband that goes by the name Victor. Like Karuna, her husband is also a YouTube artist who runs the ASMR channel called Essence of ASMR. However, she doesn’t share much information about her marital life in the public eyes except for sharing a few glimpses of her family on social media .

Due to Karuna secretive nature, it is hard to tell how and when they first met and also on their early dating life. Though being in the same profession as a YouTube star they must have met during their work as a Youtuber.

Furthermore, the couple must have tied the knot in private venues only in the presence of their close friends and family so her exact date of the wedding is out of reader’s reach in the media.

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The couple is proud parents of their two children a boy and girl. Furthermore, the duo is living blissful and happy married life with their two children, as on now.

Karuna Satori As Drug Addict.

On a Daily Mail article about Karuna Satori, she reveals to be a former drug addict although she later received treatments to stay away from being a substance abuse. Furtmoree, during her time as a drug user her family life was complicated and her kids were taken away by Pennsylvania child protective service after she hit her husband.

Correspondingly, she has multiple charges of harassment as well. According to a user named Karuna’s Stalker, also known as John, she had her kids taken away by the authorities due to threatening them with the gun. However, her husband and she got them back after she took the drug treatment. As of now, she has a good relationship with her family and is enjoying her time with them.

Karuna Satori’s Body Measurements

Karuna Satori stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inch whilst her lean body weighs 60 kg. Additionally, she consists of blue beautiful eyes with blonde hair which goes perfectly suitable for her overall features.

Facts About Karuna Satori

Where is the birthplace of Karuna Satori?

June 25, 1991, United States

How old is Karuna Satori?

28 years old

What is the birth sign of Karuna Satori?


What is the Nationality of Karuna Satori?


Which Ethnicity does Karuna Satori belong to?


What is the color of Karuna Satori’s eye?


How tall is Karuna Satori?

5 feet 7 inches

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