Kalani Hiliker might be new name for those who are obsessed with TV series only. It is because she is one of the participants of the show named ‘Ultimate Dance Competition.’ With her gorgeous body and smiley look, her fans and followers increased from thousands to millions. Like celebrities do, she has been able to keep her career inclined along with her love life. Today in this column, we will be discussing about Kalani Hiliker dating life along with her boyfriend, who became one out of millions for her. Stay put!

Kalani Hiliker Dating Life: Boyfriend is Dancer!

Once in the show, Kalani expressed and claimed dance to be her boyfriend and enjoying being close to dance. But now, she has a boyfriend; and guess what, he is a dancer. If you are regular through her social media, you might have already guessed who her boyfriend really is.

At first, she didn’t reveal the exact information about her dating life, but then she started hinting her fans and followers through tweets since 2015. In the same year, August, Kalani tweeted something interesting, she was asking for someone who can be with her as a date.

After a day, she replied to what fans had to say to her. Here’s the tweet:

Keeping her fans in confusion, she kept her boyfriend hidden for almost 2 years. In this year Feb, Kalani finally decided to reveal her boyfriend’s name and did. She announced Brandon Chang to be her boyfriend.


Here is a picture of both kissing. This picture was of time when both were celebrating Brandon’s birthday.

And here is the reply given by Chang:


Before dating Chang, she was rumored to be in love with Hayes Grier.

Kalani Hiliker Quick Bio

Kalani was born back in the year 2003, 23rd September. She was born to Hiliker family where father’s name is Matthew while mother’s name is Kira Girard. As her mother was pro dancer, she started her dancing training and career from very kindling age.

Kalani appeared with her mom in the show named ‘Dance Moms.’ Her hall of fame also includes ‘Bunheads’ aired from ABC network and ‘Shake it up!’ With the look of her appearance and works, we can guess her income to be in hundred thousand. As she has not revealed her net worth yet, we estimated her net worth to be around $600 thousands.