Spouse of the celebrities often steps into the spotlight due to their spouse’s fame. Same is the case with Justin Ervin. Though Justin is a famous film producer himself, he is a tad less popular than his famous wife.

Justin is a celebrated cinematographer and director. He made a name for himself in the movie industry with the help of his talent and his works. His most famous work is “The Elephant in the Room.”. Discover, Justin Ervin wife, married life, age, wiki, and net worth.

Ashley Graham Husband: Justin Ervin

Justin Ervin is married to the very beautiful wife Ashley Graham. Ashley is an American supermodel and body activist.

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Ashley is famous for her cover photos in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Glamour and on other various magazines. She has also appeared in various Levi’s ad campaigns.

The couple met each other back in 2009 at a church in New York. The moment they saw each other a spark ignited between them. And after going in a few dates, the couple realized that they are made for each other.

At the current time, the husband and wife namely Justin and Ashley are living in a long distance relationship with a rule of meeting each other after every few weeks. Even the long-distance relationship hasn’t made any side effects in their relation, and the couples are still together with no rumors of any fights or divorce.

Justin Ervin Married Life

After dating each other for a year, the couple decided to take it to the next step and married each other in 2010. However, they walk up to the wedding ramp wasn’t as smooth as the relationship. Justin is from an African background and Ashley from American history.

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Due to his ethnicity, Justin was not taken seriously by Ashley’s family members. However, he wasn’t going to give up on the love of his life.

Justin started to turn Ashley’s family member to his side by showing his kind nature and his care towards Ashley and his family member. According to Ashley, Justin even called his grandmother and wished on her sixtieth marriage anniversary.


But the duo of husband and wife tackled every obstacle and made to the other end of the wedding ramp where Justin was waiting for his lovely wife. And after eight years of successful marriage, they are still together and are madly in love as in the beginning. However, there is no news of them having a baby yet. But who knows they might shock us with a baby picture in the days ahead.

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The married couple recently celebrated their 8th anniversary in 2018. Ashley marked this special day with a sweet anniversary wish and a picture on Instagram which was dedicated to her husband.

Justin Ervin Net worth

Justin is a successful cinematographer who is very busy building his career and net worth. He started his career with a documentary film named In The Mirror.

The documentary gave an insight into the life of merchants of Italy. He also shot the ‘Elephant in the Room’ for which he is very renowned.

The documentary was premiered in Garden Film Festival, and it also bagged the award for the Best Documentary Short in April 2013. He has also shot various documentaries like Derby in Black, UFC Ultimate Insider, and others.


However, he hasn’t disclosed any official information regarding his net worth yet. But one can assume as a cinematographer Justin earns a handsome amount of money to sustain his life. As in 2018, his net worth is under review.

When it comes to his wife’s net worth, she has an accumulated net worth of $10 million. She makes an impressive net worth and salary from her modeling career.

Justin Ervin Bio-Wiki 

Born in 1938, in Atlanta Georgina, Justin Ervin is an American citizen with an Afro-American ethnicity. He celebrates his birthday on the 31st of December.

The 29-year-old Justin was born as a son to his father Louis Ervin and mother, Katie Griffy Ervin. He is the third member of his sibling. Justin has a brother, named after his father Louis and a sister, Kia Ervin.

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Justin graduated from ‘Magna Cum Laude’ in Time-based Media&Video production. He gained a degree from “School of Visual Arts” which called as an MFA degree in Social Documentary Filmmaking.

So, one can say Justin came well prepared for his job. At the moment, Justin is busy in his career and his love life.