Domestic violence is a serious crime and it should not be tolerated. Husbands beating their wives, boyfriends abusing their girlfriends or the other way round, it’s all happening right in front of us. The American rapper, Just Brittany had to face a similar fate from her ex-boyfriend.

It’s a good thing that Just Brittany decided to address the blatant treatment from her ex-boyfriend to the public. So, what happened after the incident? Who’s Just Brittany dating now? Quench your thirst regarding Just Brittany’s dating life along with Just Brittany wiki-bio, age, net worth, songs and the likes. Let’s get in.

Domestic abuse: Just Brittany and Z-RO, her ex-boyfriend

On July 26, 2017, Police arrested rapper, Z-RO for reportedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Just Brittany just a few months after their breakup. Just Brittany had reported to the police about the incident which allegedly happened back in April. She told authorities that her ex-boyfriend punched, slapped and dragged her for almost two hours. In her latest report, she also said that her ex-boyfriend was holding the gun during the assault. According to reports, Just played recorded audio of the alleged incident to the cops.

Caption: Just Brittany talking about her abusive relationship with boyfriend Z-Ro and also addresses her dating rumor with Rick Ross.

Publics were inevitably furious with Z-RO after the incident but some were also suspicious towards Brittany for waiting three months to report the issue. Some of them have an opinion that Just waited until the day for her show to come out and market it with her issue. Z-RO also called the claims is a publicity stunt from Just and she posted a photo on Instagram without any bruises just a few hours after the alleged assault took place. Nevertheless, Jury had Z-RO let go and he will not be facing any indictment or criminal charges.

Just Brittany’s dating affair

Before ending her dating affair with Z-RO, Just Brittany might have been in a dating relationship with many boyfriends but she has decided not to let the public know. Not a single Instagram photo or any reports tell us who was Just Brittany’s boyfriend before she had an affair with Z-RO. Even after breaking up with Z-RO, Just Brittany is not dating anyone but there is a close intimacy between her and Rick Ross.

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Caption: Just Brittany and Rick Ross, Just Brittany is rumored to be dating Rick Ross.

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Just Brittany caught Rick Ross’ attention on his talent hunting show, Signed. Although, other two judges  Lenny S, and The Dream are not so much of fan of Just, Rick is hugely impressed by Just. Rick Ross is accused of giving special treatment to Just Brittany by the public. Rick Ross also took Just Brittany to shopping adding more fuel to their intimacy and dating rumors. Rick Ross was previously engaged to Instagram model Lira Galore and the couple were talking about getting married but they broke up and called off the engagement. Now Rick Ross is fueling dating rumour with Just Brittany. Well, they might be dating secretly but until there is not a single valid statement or report about their dating.

Just Brittany’s wiki-bio

According to Just Brittany wiki, Born in Houston, Texas, Just Brittany attended Nat Q. Henderson Elementary. She graduated early at 16 and was a valedictorian in her class. She had very sound academic records and was a Dean-list student. Along with her academic, she also had an inclination towards music from very early age. After graduating Just then decided to devote herself to the music career. Born in 1989, Just Brittany’s age is 28 now. Just Brittany celebrates her birthday on June 11. The details of Just Brittany parents is not revealed by the singer.

Just Brittany is not married nor has a husband, she is single as of now and is focused on uplifting her music career. Talking about Just Brittany net worth and salary she has not revealed her exact amount of her net worth. But some sources claim her net worth to be in millions from her music videos and albums.