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Julie Youngberg’s Married Life With Her Wrestler Husband Shannon Moore! Know Her Dating History!

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Marriage is a connection between two souls. Two Souls get connected when both couples appreciate their efforts and still love each other after showing their flaws. Spending entire life with the love of our life is such a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? How many of you have felt this?

We are here to talk about Julie Youngberg. She married to her wrestler boyfriend, Shannon Moore. Now you must be wondering how long they were dating? Are they still together? How about their children?

Let’s dig into the article to find the answer to your questions.

How long was Julie Youngberg dating her husband? Are they still together?

Julie Youngberg married her husband  Shannon Moore on April 2009. Shannon Moore is one of the famous Wrestler, and his wife Julie is a costume designer for world wrestling  Federation now you can imagine how they fall in love, can’t you?

Julie Moore and her husband Shannon Moore
Caption: Julie Youngberg and her husband Shannon Moore showing love to each other.

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Julie Youngberg is such beautiful lady; no guys can stop thinking about her. Same thing happened to Shannon Moore as he also got attracted to her.

Julie Youngberg and Shannon Moore started dating each other in early 2006. It takes the time to know individuals nature and behavior. Both loving couples took time knowing one’s priority and later after three years, they got married.

Jullie Moore
Caption: Julie Youngberg threatening her husband saying I am wrestler’s wife.

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Julie Youngberg and Shannon Moore are together since 2009. It’s eight years they are sharing their love, joy, and sorrow every other day. The lovebirds haven’t revealed any details about their children, and they are so much in love that there is no chance of their divorce also.

How about Julie Youngberg dating history!

This stunning lady was married to  Darren Drozdov. Her ex-husband Darren Drozdov is also a famous wrestler.

darren drozdov
Caption: Darren Drozdov Julie Moore’s Ex husband.

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In an interview, during Julie was Dareen’s wife he was the sweetest person she would ever meet.

Despite his tattoos and gruff manner, The Droz is “the sweetest, most gentle person I’ve ever met in my whole life.”

Julie was in love with her husband at that time, but she still hasn’t revealed about her divorce with her ex-husband Darren Drozdov.

More than a custom designer she is known as the former wife of retired professional wrestler, Darren Drozdov. Julie and Darren married on 1999 and got a divorce on 2005.

Julie Youngberg Racist controversy!

Julie Moore got controversies when she got personal with Matt Hardy’s wife on social media. She commented about Hardy’s newly born. Julie was criticized by Reby hardy on saying her baby is 1/2 black. Reby Hardy accused Julie of being racist.

Caption: Julie commented about Hary’s newly born baby.












Julie Youngberg’s was born in the United States of America. Now you might be thinking what her net worth is. Her husband Shannon Moore estimated net worth is $1 million but she has not revealed about her net worth but as WWE employee her networth must be attractive.

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