Julie Swetnick is a Washington D.C. woman who accused Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. Attorney Michael Avenatti is representing her while trying to give justice to the victim.

Julie has come forward to accuse Brett Kavanaugh and his high school friend of taking part in gang rapes. She was a victim of it along with her other friends when they were in high school in the year 1980s. She has released an affidavit through Michael Avenatti.

Julie said that she witnessed Brett Kavanaugh & Mark Judge causing girls to Become Inebriated & Disoriented So They Could Then Be ‘Gang Raped.’ She revealed she was a victim of a ‘Gang Rape’ in the year 1982, where Brett & Mark were present. She even revealed that she believed she was drugged with Quaaludes and had informed at least two other people about her alleged rape.

Julie Swetnick accused Brett Kavanaugh of gang rape
Caption: Julie Swetnick accused Brett Kavanaugh of gang rape. Photo Credit: newyorkpost.com

However, she is being excluded from the investigation.

So, let us know more about Julie Swetnick behind the gang rape case. Is Julie Swetnick a married lady now? Who is Julie Swetnick’ husband? Let’s find out the answers along with Julie Swetnick’ wiki facts, bio, age, and family.

Julie Swetnick Married To Someone?

Julie Swetnick is a former U.S. government employee who worked in the Department of Homeland Security Investigating Reporter. She has shown much strength accusing Brett Kavanaugh. But she is also the one who has maintained silence in her private life as she doesn’t like to talk about it with others.

She has never gushed anything about her marriage or life with her husband. So, she is most probably single. Julie could be trying to keep her husband away from the media’s attention if she is already married.

Julie Swetnick’ Wiki – Bio: Age, Early Life, Job, Education

The web project manager Julie Swetnick was born in the year 1960 in Washington D.C. The exact date of birth hasn’t been revealed, but her current age is 58.

She has lived most of her life in Maryland and most recently in Bethesda.

Julie went to Gaithersburg High School. After completing her high school, she attended Montgomery college, the Univerity of Maryland in Astrophysics and computer science. Julie worked in the U.S government in the past, including the U.S Mint and the Department of Homeland Security. She worked for the U.S. Mint from the year 2004 to 2014 where she was required to have a security clearance.

Julie also worked as an IBM digital analyst, for Homeland Security as a senior web production manager.