When the US rapper Snoop Dogg temporarily split from his wife, Shante Taylor with whom he shares three children in 1998, he hooked up with Laurie Holmond And Julian Corrie Broadus is the product of the two. Unfortunately, the truth about Dogg and Holmond’s affairs and their son didn’t come out in the public until he was nine years old.

If only it was as easy you read in the above passage; which is because Dogg had to go a paternity test for a proof that Julian was his own biological son. And, at one point, Laurie even reportedly came forward to speak the lack of Snoop Dogg presence to raise their son. This is only the trailer to the life of Julian Corrie Broadus. To learn more, keep further reading.

Who Is Julian Corrie Broadus?

Julian Corrie Broadus is the son of famous American rapper, Snoop Dogg and Laurie Holmond, the rapper’s former school girlfriend. Much to his father’s influence, his son from an extramarital affair; Julian wants to become a musician as well. Julian, however, also aims to become a Basketball player.

Broadus parents had a short-lived fling and shared an intimate moment in a hotel when Dogg has reportedly recently gotten back with his former wife, Shante Taylor. Not to mention, Julian is also half brothers to Dogg’s children with Taylor; Cori BroadusCorde Broadus, and Cordell Broadus.

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The truth of Julian Corrie Broadus only came to the public in 2008. Also when Laurie told Dogg about her pregnancy, he reportedly responded that he was scared of telling the truth to his wife. It’s reported that Dogg only accepted Julian after the paternity test and that before it, he wasn’t much there much to support his son. However, it’s also reported his father didn’t play a big part in his life until he was dragged to be on the limelight.


But, to avoid all the speculation and reports, Julian and his father share a great bond. He often shares his family picture of himself and his father on social media. Moreover, Julian was born in the year 1998 and resides in Los Angeles and attends the University of California.

What Is The Net Worth Of Julian Corrie Broadus?

The net worth of Julian Corrie Broadus is still under review considering the fact that he is still a student and has a long way to develop his career as a Basketball player. Much to the knowledge, his father Snoop Dogg bags a net worth of $135 Million as of 2020 which he accumulated from his career as a rapper, actor and producer.


Although Corrie is yet to pave a career, he can be estimated to have a bank balance of a minimum of $100,000 which he gains as financial support from his millionaire father. On his Instagram, Julian often flaunts his wealth. Not to mention, he wears and shows off A1 designer such Armani‘s suit, Cartier‘s icy watches, and drives Bentley Motors.

Personal Life Of Julian Corrie Broadus. Is He Married?

When it comes to the dating life of the young man, the son of Snoop Dogg, Julian Corrie Broadus, everything is kept under the radar. Much to his celebrity status, Julian prefers to maintain a lowkey love life.

Whilst it’s not official whether Julian is single or shares someone special in his life, it’s much safe to say that he is single and not interested to stay committed to a relationship in the meantime, or that he is yet to meet the love of his life.

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Julian is reported to have been linked with other females, but there’s no evidence to prove the speculation. Needless to say, Julian appears to stay focused on his career. In his early twenties, the boy is still young and has all the time in the world to explore and experience.

Julian Corrie Broadus; Body Measurements

Julian Corrie Broadus stands at a towering tall height of 6 feet 4 inches whilst his lean body weighs 80 kg. Furthermore, he flaunts Black hair and Dark Brown eyes.


Julian Corrie Broadus; Quick Facts

When was Julian Corrie Broadus born?


What are the eye colors of Julian Corrie Broadus?


What is the hair colors of Julian Corrie Broadus?


How tall is Julian Corrie Broadus?

6 feet 4 inches

What is the weight of Julian Corrie Broadus?

80 kg

What is the nationality of Julian Corrie Broadus?


What is Julian Corrie Broadus known for?

Son of Snoop Dogg

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