Judy Malinowski, who was frightfully and seriously devoured by her ex-boyfriend in August 2015, died on June 27, 2017, from her injuries at the age of 33.

She had 80% of her body totally burned. Both of Malinowski’s ears and a couple of areas of her fingers condensed off in the wake of devouring in the fire. Plus, she moreover had lost the ability to talk more than a whisper due to extensive damages to her trachea.

She had further lost the capacity to walk, and she required a ventilator to empower her to unwind. Judy was the mother of her two youths. She was additionally a disease survivor and previous substance junkie.


However, in the event that Shaw is correct, how did Judy get canvassed in fuel at the primary spot? Fascinating huh?

Judy Malinowski ex- boyfriend who is accused of burning her alive.
Judy Malinowski ex-boyfriend who is accused of burning her alive.

In any case, to counter his words, an observer said that Michael Slager made the story up and rather set Judy on fire while they were having a contention at a service station. The onlooker was the one to call 911 for crisis offer assistance.

Slager has been somebody with a long history with the law, as he has a protracted criminal record with nine lawful offenses, which incorporates a few sexual batteries. There were reports that of Slager accused of the murder of Judy.

The murderer of Judy Malinowski, Michael Slager sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. Michael found guilty after testimony by Judy from her bed in the hospital.

Only after agreeing to a guilty to murder plead, Slager was freed from his death penalty. Now, Slager is in the prison for the crimes he did.

We do trust now Judy gets the equity she merits, and we trust that her spirit gets endless rest wherever she is.