Josh Martinez is indeed the winner of Big Brother Season 19, all the strategies Josh had in his mind to win the Big Brother has totally worked. He is a super talented guy who is at the age of 23 has now gained a new fame as the winner of Big Brother Season 19. So what exactly was Josh’s strategy on winning the Big Brother lets find out along with the details of his family, sister, and his net worth details.

Josh’s strategy For Winning Big Brother Season 19!

To win this season of Big Brother Josh Martinez was mentally prepared form the very beginning. On an interview, he gave on his  Big Brother bio Josh revealed that he is ready to go extra miles on winning the show.  When asked what are his plans on winning the show the 23-year-old revealed that;

“I have a huge strategy to playing the game and it’s simple: lie, cheat, and manipulate.”

He further added;

“Lie and deceive all these meatballs (aka losers) into doing what I want as I win comps and make them think we’re best friends.”

Likewise, the executive producers of the show Allison Grodner in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter talking about the performance of Josh said that

“Josh has had an amazing arc going from being one foot out of the door in the first week to making it to the end.”

Similarly, the one thing that was loved by many of Josh’s fans and the viewers was the way he called the other fellow contestants as a “meatballs” and gained some limelight toward him. He infact had a #TeamMeatball written in his official Twitter bio.

Josh Martinez Connection With His Family And Siblings!

Josh Martinez is also one hell of a cool guy and his statement on his interview proves it all. He is immensely connected with his family and says that the hardest part of the show is that he will miss his family. He said;

“The hardest part of living in the house will be being away from my family and not hearing from them.”

He further added;

“We are so close and my siblings are my best friends, so it will be really hard not having contact with them.”

Being totally out of contact with the family member is quite depressing and Josh has maintained that extremely well, and also had connected well with his Big Brother family. And when asked what would take inside the house Josh said;

“My mom because she could cook and clean for me.”

He also added;

“My brother or sister because we would raise hell together.”

Through his statement, he made it clear that he is totally into his family and loves his mom and siblings, his brother and sister. Further details of his parents and dad are not revealed by the Big Brother winner. And Though the details of his parents is not revealed, Josh Martinez is a family guy and says he is doing it all for his family, he said;

“However, they know that I’m living a dream and playing for them.”

Short Bio Of Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez was born on 1994 and is at the age of 23. He is from Florida and is currently residing in Homestead, Florida. Through his wiki in Big Brother, he has a mom, brother, and a sister. The other details of his parents and family are not revealed by the Big Brother fame. Talking about the net worth of Josh Martinez with the winning prize money from Big Brother he might now have a whopping amount of $500,000.