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Who is Josh Barro Married To? Know His Gay Husband Name!

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You must be acquainted with Business Insider, we suppose. Josh Barro is the name that became famous when he became senior Editor for this company. Also, he hosted KCRW and other podcasts. We are talking about him but not his career today. He married gay boyfriend recently, so we are going to uncover his gay husband name. Also, we will be providing Josh Barro married life information.

Josh Barro Married Gay Boyfriend

Josh married Zachary Allen who was well-known being his gay boyfriend. On 14th January 2017, the duo started their married life and started living happily. It has already been 3 months of them being together but, they started dating back in 2013. This makes their relationship to be around 3.5 years.

Zachary Allen and Josh Barro

Since the year 2013, the couple was seen in different places. After having much fun in love life, Josh and Zachary decided to get married. Well, they are married now, but we are not able to find anything about their life. Both managed to live their life in low profile, thus issues and gossips merely comes to public. We found this tweet from Josh’s Twitter account, which hints of his boyfriend cum husband:

Josh and Zachary’s Wedding Vows

Josh and Zachary first met at dinner party organized by Human Rights Campaign. Who could have guessed their meeting to be at dinner? In their wedding, they exchanged some vows of which Josh tweeted. Here is the tweet you would love to see:

As the duo saw each other, they fell in love and decided to get hitched. You must be thinking the marriage to be grand keeping him as successful editor, but actually their wedding was low profile.

We find it exceptional of someone revealing his/her sex orientation and here it is. Josh came out and revealed him to be gay, and not only that, he married to his gay boyfriend Zachary as well. We wish better future for both of them.

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