Exposing as gay in front of people is not an easy thing, all you need is guts. Our society is still not open about such sexuality. Despite this, there are many celebrities and media personalities who are comfortable about showing up who they are.

Among those media personality, we can count Josh Barro. Recently, Josh Barro married his gay boyfriend, Zachary Allen. After reading this, you might be thinking how Josh Barro and his partner Zachary Allen met? How long did they date? What are their plans? And much more.

Without any delay, let’s explore more about Josh Barro and his husband Zachary Allen.

How was Josh Barro and his boyfriend, Zachary Allen Dating life?

Senior editor of Business Insider, Josh Barro is a familiar name in the world of journalism. Josh Barro exposed as gay and gained popularity when Josh married longtime gay boyfriend, Zachary Allen on January 14, 2017. They organized their marriage in New York.

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Josh Barro met his handsome husband Allen at the Human Rights Campaign national dinner in October 2013. Some meet on a blind date, some during their work but as for this couple, they met during dinner, isn’t this interesting? They both came close to each other during that time.

Josh Barro and gay husband Allen were running an occasion planning organization called TIPAH counseling in the year 2013.

Josh and Allen spent quality time with each other. They fell in love accepting their flaws. The couple confidentially engaged in October 2015. After two years of engagement, they finally married.

Josh Barro tweeted mentioning his boyfriend on on June 3, 2015, saying

My boyfriend sent me this addendum to today’s column.

After a few months, Barro again gave a hint about his boyfriend saying,

My boyfriend is an excellent sport while I make him watch Bloomberg at 10 pm on Sunday.

Josh Barro has managed to keep his private life quite a secret. Josh and his husband kept their marital life out of the public eye. Though time and again Josh Barro mentioned his gay boyfriend in a tweet.

You all might be hoping to see the pictures of their wedding, isn’t it? They might have snapped photos during their marriage, but unfortunately, no any pictures of the occasion are made available.

Hope they are enjoying their married life and we wish them a happy married life.

Josh Barro Wiki-Bio

Josh Barro is the journalist who was born on July 17, 1984. His father is Robert Barro who is Harvard professor and macro economist.

Josh Barro has graduated from Harvard University in psychology. Currently, he is working as a senior editor of Business Insider.

Josh worked as the lead writer for the Ticker which is an economics and politics blog. Forbes, in 2012, selected him as one of the “30 under 30” media’s “brightest stars under the age of 30.” Former President Barack Obama has picked  Barro on the short list of Obama’s favorite columnist.

Now, you must be curious and searching for Josh Barro’s net worth, right? Then you are in the right place.

Josh earns a huge amount of money as a journalist. But unfortunately, the journalist hasn’t talked much about his total net worth. As of 2019, Barro’s estimated net worth is around $800k. Isn’t it enough for him and his partner to live a luxurious life?