The Wolf of Wall Street author Jordan Belfort who had a successful professional career in stock brokerage until he started scams and manipulated the stock market has married twice in his life.

Jordan Belfort, although, had a somewhat successful career, he failed to have such luxury in his personal life. After two failed marriages, has the author dared to date anyone? Is he in any kind of relationship? While in his marital life, has he become a father? Let’s find out!

Is Jordan Belfort Dating Anyone?

The 56 years’ old Jordan Belfort is currently in an engaged relationship with his fiancee Anne ‘Bobanny’ Koppe. He has been in a relationship with his partner for around 10 years now.

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10 years ago today you straight line sold me into going out with you. Happy Anniversary!

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The exact date of their anniversary is still unavailable to us, however, sources reveal that they started their relationship in May 2008. At the moment, the duo is living in Australia, with Belfort mostly traveling overseas for his motivational speeches.

Since Belfort is always away for his work, the pair doesn’t have enough time to spend with each other. In spite of being away for work, Jordan made it to Australia to celebrate his Valentine’s Day with his love.

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He made it!!

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Anne, before engaging in the relationship with Belfort, already had a child, a son, Bowen Boulliane. Bowen is currently 21 years old and is dating his partner Amanda Sadis.

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I love being your mum!

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The relationship between Jordan and his stepson Bowen is quite good. According to Bowen, his stepfather was the reason he studied management at the Bond University in Gold Coast.

Growing up around my stepfather, I saw what it was like to be an entrepreneur at the highest level. It totally resonated with me so getting a degree in business was the first obvious step. 

Jordan Belfort and his fiancee Anne Bobanny are living quite lavishly together in Australia. That being said, Belfort has married twice in his life. The details are below!

What Consisted of Jordan Belfort’s Previous Married Life?

Before getting into an engaged relationship with fiancee Anne Bobanny, Jordan Belfort married twice, once with Denise Lombardo and the other with, Nadine Caridi.

Jordan, who holds $-100 million net worth, hasn’t revealed much about his first wife, Denise. But, it was during the Stratton Oakmont business that he divorced his ex-wife. He and his former partner Denise had no children whatsoever in their 6 years of marital life.

YouTube: The Wolf of Wall Street showcasing Jordan Belfort’s first meeting with ex-spouse Nadine Caridi

As for his second wife, Jordan and Nadine first met at a pool party in 1991. The same year, the duo walked down the aisle. Nadine was a Brit-born Bay-Ridge model during the time of her marriage.

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With Nadine, Belfort has two children, a son, and a daughter. His son is Carter Belfort while his daughter is Chandler Belfort.

As everything seemed right for the married couple, disaster struck their life. In 2005, Jordan and Nadine separated after his wife claimed of domestic violence.

As we all know and have seen in The Wolf of Wall Street, Belfort was a drug addict and had love for hookers. It was Belfort’s cheating scandals and drugs that led them to their divorce. Bu, these weren’t the major reason, the duo divorced because of Jordan’s unethical abuse on Nadine. According to sources, Belfort kicked his former partner down the stairs of his Long Island Mansion.

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Following their breakup, Nadine got together with someone better, John Macaluso. John is the CEO of the Wizard World.

Quick Facts of Jordan Belfort

Where is Jordan Belfort’s hometown?

Queens, New York City, US

How old is Jordan Belfort?

56 years old

What is Jordan Belfort’s ethnicity?


What is Jordan Belfort nationality?


How Much is Jordan Belfort’s Net Worth?

$-100 million

Who are Jordan Belfort’s parents?

Max Belfort (Father) and Leah Belfort (Mother)

What is Jordan Belfort’s height?

5 feet 5 inches

What sports does Jordan Belfort enjoy/play?