Once you become a celebrity, you earn huge name, fame and fan followers through the hard work and talent you put onto the movies. Likewise, most of you are familiar with the Pirates of the Caribbean character Weather who was played by Jonathan Pryce, through his performance he has won millions of heart.

Many of his fans and followers are desperate to know the details of his personal life, so get to know all the details of Jonathan Pryce, his married life and upcoming movies along with his bio.

Jonathan Pryce Married his Girlfriend after 43 years! Who is she?

Jonathan Pryce is indeed a famous name in the Hollywood industry. Like Games of Thrown and Pirates of the Caribbean, he did lots of memorable characters. As we know there are tons of fans, who are crazy for him but do you know who he is crazy for?

On his young days, he fell in love with beautiful girl Kate Fahy who is also a famous English actress. Before his fame, he worked in a Liverpool’s Everyman theater. On that place, he met his girl Kate for the first time in 1972.


It wasn’t necessary. I can’t imagine what life would be if I hadn’t met Kate at that time. We’re both actors and often that mitigates against a good relationship, but we have a great understanding of each other’s needs

After 43 years of living together, we see Jonathan wearing a wedding ring on the left hand. It is said that he and Katy secretly got wedded in 2015. The wedding was held among some close friend and family member, the other details of the wedding is not revealed by the couple. According to some source, it stated that;

‘They tied the knot recently, without any fuss,’ claims a friend. ‘Only close family members and friends know about it.’

But as of now, the couple has a great married life together.

Is Jonathan Divorced Man? Meet his Children!

As we know Game of Throne actor Jonathan tied knocked just two years before. We have another surprising news for his fans about his past married life. Yes, he is a guy who married twice. Before met wife Katy, Jonathan already got wedded with his first wife, who is a teacher. The actor did not reveal the details of his previous married life and the reason for the divorce. But once in an interview talking about his married life he mentioned that,

I’d been married for nearly three years and was very happy,’ explained Pryce, who played the father of Keira Knightley’s character in the Pirates Of The Caribbean films. ‘But two weeks after I met Kate I left my wife and she left her husband. It really was just this extraordinary meeting — a real coup de foudre

Whatever his early life was, he spent a blissful life with adorable children and wife Katy. The couple has three children. Actor Jonathan and his wife Kate are loving parents to three beautiful children Patrick, 26, Gabriel, 22, and Phoebe, 19, who have now all grown up. In fact, his daughter Phoebe has acted with him in a movie The Merchant of Venice, and the father-daughter duo looks amazing.

Jonathan Pryce married Kate Fahy, the mother of his children and partner of 43 years in a secret ceremony
Jonathan Pryce married Kate Fahy, the mother of his children and partner of 43 years in a secret ceremony

Photo Credit: hitberry.com

Jonathan is now having a blissful life with his wife and three children and has a happy married life as well though having a divorce in the past.

Short Bio of Jonathan Pryce

Actor Jonathan Pryce was born as John Price on June 1, 1947. Jonathan is a versatile actor and singer as well. From Holywell to Hollyhood Jonathan Pryce did come a long way and achieved many awards for movies like North Wales, and is also internationally regarded as a great actor. Jonathan Pryce is also an Associate Member of RADA.

Jonathan Pryce with his long career in Hollywood has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He has achieved this huge net worth through his movies and various other deals.