The word “WWE” is familiar to the worldwide nation and known for a famous reality television show. But many of you haven’t heard the name “JoJo Offerman,” she is a professional wrestler, valet, ringer announcer. JoJo also featured in Total Divas show of E Network reality television during first season 2013.

Besides being a professional wrestler and ringer announcer, JoJo is also a singer. But how is the love life of such a diva? Has JoJo Offerman married someone or is JoJo Offerman dating a boyfriend? Let’s know the details including JoJo Offerman wiki information and her net worth as of 2017.

JoJo Offerman dating life

Though JoJo Offerman is a diva and ring announcer, she has a different life in the backstage of WWE. Many of her fans speculate that she has been dating with someone? If yes who is JoJo Offerman boyfriend? How is her love life going on let’s find out?

In JoJo career in Total Divas season 1, she was in a relationship with her high school boyfriend, Sebastian. They knew each other since at the age of five years.

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However, both couples weren’t going well in their relationship because of JoJo Offerman being busy in work and didn’t have time for her boyfriend Sebastian led them to break up in season 1 of Total Diva. But we cannot speculate the truth about this new because Total Divas is just like scripted WWE programs and it is unclear how much of this is real.

With recent breakup with high school boyfriend Sebastian, Diva JoJo Offerman was more interested in Justin Gabriel and was seen flirting at backstage. JoJo and Justin Gabriel had an age difference of 13 years making Justin older.

She addresses that it isn’t a big deal of Justin being older than her. The relationship didn’t go to tie their knot as Justin was found betraying JoJo. But we cannot speculate the truth about this new because Total Divas is just like scripted WWE programs and it is unclear how much of this is real.

After the end of JoJo and Gabriel chemistry, she was rumored being with WWE superstar Randy Orton in 2013. The rumors beings after Rondy Ortan got a divorce with Samantha Speno his first wife. According to What Culture, JoJo Offerman was the only person Randy Orton followed on twitter.

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However, the news wasn’t accurate as JoJo didn’t come to Total Divas after season 1. With the less information of their love life, we can assure that the relationship didn’t last long as WWE superstar Randy Orton soon started dating Kim Kessler.

With this rumor, JoJo Offerman started dating with another man in September 2013. His name is Jesse White who is a former WWE wrestler known as Jake Carter. JoJo also wished her boyfriend in Instagram on April 19, 2014.

She posted a picture with a sweet message on Instagram to Jess which show how much JoJo Offerman is in love with her boyfriend. The comment filled with lots of love for the pairs.

Are the pair still in love till now? They are still dating and just celebrated JoJo Offerman and Jesse White third anniversary together. As Jojo wrote in her Instagram

“It feels like just yesterday 😍 Thank you for being you. Happy 3rd Anniversary to this man ❤️.”

Beside of her relationship with Jesse white, rumors and controversy have speculated that JoJo Offerman is dating WWE wrestler, Bray Wyatt.

And could be the reason for Wyatt’s wife Samantha Rotunda filing divorce report but the detail is yet to be released. Both pairs have been together in various events and recently seen arriving at an arena.

JoJo Offerman married

As the question remains is JoJo Offerman married with her boyfriend? Or she is engaged with someone else?

The former wrestling divas JoJo Offerman isn’t married till now. And we hope soon she will tie her knot with her soulmate. As the marriage topic, it will be interesting to know who JoJo engaged wit.

We will soon update you as soon as we get the information.

JoJo Offerman wiki-bio

Born in 1994 in California, United States, JoJo Offerman celebrate her birthday on 10th of March. According to JoJo Offerman wiki, she is an age of 23, and her birth name is Joseann Alexie Offerman. JoJo Offerman is a daughter of former professional baseball player Jose Offerman, and she is a descent of Mexican and Dominican.

Offerman has the height of 5 feet 2 inch. In meter, JoJo has the height of 1.57 meter.

As a wrestler, ring announcer and a singer, JoJo Offerman has to earn sufficient amount of money. As of 2017, JoJo Offerman’s net worth is under review. So, if you have interest in JoJo Offerman’s net worth, stay updated, we will soon update you with an exact figure of JoJo Offerman’s net worth.