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John Murphy and Bonnie Hunt Divorce: What Was The Real Reason?

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Being married does not always mean happy ending or something like that; sometimes marriage could be a curse. Also, happy endings best suits in reel life rather than real life. Marriage is a true belief that clings on the edge of life in which even a single factor matters the most. We are talking about Bonnie Hunt, of whose married life turned into dust. She married John and divorced soon enough. Today we will be discussing the real reason for John Murphy and Bonnie Hunt divorce issues.

Bonnie Hunt’s Married Life

In the year 1988, Bonnie Hunt married an investment banker named John Murphy. Their married life continued for 18 years and ended in the year 2006. Although they were married for almost two decades, they did not have any children. Being in a relationship for that long, it means having better understanding each other. But, the duo couldn’t keep up the things and left the mutual relation.

John Murphy and Bonnie Hunt Divorce: What’s the Reason?

So, what might the reason be to end married life after such a long time? What was the factor that led the beautiful couple to divorce process? Was it because of an extra marital affair, or was it because of the end of love chemistry between them? Here are some rumors about their relationship!

Bonnie Hunt and John Murphy
Bonnie Hunt and John Murphy

Well after going through some wiki sites and news portal, we found a tale interesting. It was mentioned that Bonnie had an extra-marital affair with David Letterman. David is a married man though and also loves his wife and children more than anyone else. The trivia is, Bonnie announced her divorce with John Murphy officially in Letterman Show.

This reason was pretty absurd. Just a rumor couldn’t have been the real virtue for their divorce. So, we went further to know the fact about their divorce. But even we tried as much as we can, we didn’t find the reason. Even if the portals are full of personal opinions, solid reason for their divorce is not disclosed yet. The only way we could locate the information is when the ex-couple disclosed it by themselves.

Bonnie Hunt’s Current Status: Dating Someone or Married?

Hunt, after divorce went off the media for quite some time. For now, she is not connected or linked with anyone and is single. But, if she finds someone again, that might turn into a lovely story. All the fans and followers of her are waiting for her happiness and have high hopes for her future. As she is already 59 years old, we cannot assume her new to-be boyfriend or husband to be young enough, but we too are waiting for her new life. All we can do is wish her luck for her future life.

Who is Bonnie Hunt? What’s Her Net Worth?

Bonnie is best known as an actress, but she is also a comedian, writer, director, and producer. Her movies include Jumanji, The Green Mile, Rain Man and some others like Beethoven, and Jerry Maguire.

Apart from portraying herself as an actress, she is also a voice actor for some animated movies. Her voice is used in films like Monster’s Inc. Series, Cars series, Toy Story Series, and in Zootopia. Also, she is hosting some sitcoms like ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show’ from which she earns more than $1 million annually. As her salary exceeds more than a million per year, her estimated net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.