Hockey enthusiasts probably know who John Buccigross is. His top-tier commentary coverage of hockey championship is always the talk of the town. John Buccigross is an American sportscaster who has bagged GLAAD Media Award for excellent coverage of digital journalism article and is serving ESPN from the year 1996.

52-years old Buccigross has a graceful family along with his wife, Melissa Buccigross. There were no linkup allegations, extramarital affairs and controversial rumors of John Buccigross till former ESPN anchor accused him of advancing sexual harassment. It’s the lasts news of John Buccigross that was making quite a buzz in Media.

Let’s dig into John Buccigross’s accusation for sexual advances first and then we’ll be exploring more on his married life, wife, children, career, networth, and wiki-bio.

Former ESPN Employee Accuses John Buccigross of Sexual Harassment

Adrienne Lawrence, the former ESPN employee, confessed that John Buccigross suggested her to visit his home in the name of mentorship and tried to tempt her. Meanwhile, she immediately refused his sexual approach and complained in the human resource department. But, HR did not do anything instead covered Buccigross’s intimidating intent.

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Caption: Former ESPN employee,Adrienne Lawrence accuses John Buccigross of sexual harassment.

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Lawrence also asserted that she had been terminated from her work tables because she preceded lawsuit against him. Similarly, her attorneys supported the case stating “no one can turn a blind eye to sexual harassment.”

On the other hand, ESPN spokesman clarified on her terminated work tables. According to the ESPN source, the company hired Adrienne Lawrence for two-year talent development program; hence she was detained as soon as the term ended.

Lawrence’s evidence for accusing John Buccigross comprises of texts exchanged between the two, where shirtless Buccigross text said “I’m a white boy and I’m jacked,”

John Buccigross Wife, Melissa Buccigross, and Their Children!

After dating for a couple of years, John Buccigross married the Italian Beauty Melissa Buccigross in 1991. They exchanged their wedding vows in Italian style wedding. The couple lived in Ohio when he was in struggling phase, trying to gain the position of, where he is now.

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Caption: John Buccigross with his wife, Mellisa Buccigross on their daughter’s graduation day.

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After a year, Melissa Buccigross gave birth to their first child. She was only twenty-one years old at that time. Now, the couple resides in South Windsor, Connecticut along teen son Jack Buccigross. The pair has three children: Brett Buccigross, Jack Buccigross, and Malorie Buccigross.

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Caption: John Buccigross with his three children: Brett Buccigross, Jack Buccigross, and Malorie Buccigross.

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Three of them are sports enthusiasts; eldest daughter loves horse riding, the eldest son is an amateur Golf player, and the youngest one is an avid fan of soccer and hockey. It’s all about the time when future will speak on behalf of their profession.

John Buccigross’ Career, TV shows, Salary and His Net worth

John initiated his professional career from hosting television sports. He co-hosted NHL 2 night and filled up NHL column for ESPN during 2000. However, he started hosting sports in ESPN since 1996. His famous TV shows include Baseball tonight and Sports center.

Moreover, he is the advisory board member for “you can play” campaign dedicated to sports enthusiasts. Also, he hosted #Bucciovertimechallenge on Twitter, where users were asked to solve the tricky guess games.

It’s been a very long time that he has been serving It must leave many wonderers to wander on John Buccigross’s net worth and monthly salary as well. Well, his estimated net worth figures are still not disclosed in media though it’s assumed to be the handsome amount. Please stay updated with us to know John Buccigross’ net worth and salary.

John Buccigross’ Wiki-Bio: Parents, and Education!

He was born on January 27, 1966, at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, and spent childhood in Indiana, Pennsylvania. John Buccigross is a son of Edward Buccigross and Mary Donovan.

He did schooling at Steubenville Catholic Central High School. He holds the degree in Communications and Theater Arts from Heidelberg College.