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Joe Rogan Married Jessica Rogan and Is Living Happily With Kids, No Divorce Issues Till Date!

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It is hard for anyone to laugh causally. But when you are able to do so, you feel like achieving everything. The best person to do so in today’s world is non-other than comedian. In our context, we are talking about funny-man Joe Rogan who has been a sole reason for thousands of smiles.

With his skill to make other laugh, he has been successful in his career as comedian. What about his personal life? Well, if you don’t know, he is married man and he tied knot with beau Jessica Rogan. Today, we will be discussing about Joe Rogan married life insight, along with their relationship and children. Stay put!

Joe Rogan Married Jessica Rogan

Jessica Rogan, formerly Jessica Schimmel is the one to whom Joe tied knot with. The pair married back in the year 2009, and now is living happily. They were engaged for a year before marrying. Jessica was cocktail waitress; Joe found her attracting when they met.

Joe Rogan Married Life Jessica Rogan
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If you are searching the information about how the duo met at first place, we are sorry. We too are searching for this info as they never disclosed how they started dating. But what we know is that Joe and Jessica became parents before their marriage.

Rogan Family is Blessed with Two Daughters!

The first child to Rogan family came before they started married life in the year 2008. In that year May, the duo was blessed with a baby girl.

After a year, Jessica became pregnant again and welcomed second child, a baby daughter again. We know the duo has two children but names of both are not revealed yet. We will be updating such information as soon as we get hands on!

No Divorce Issues till Date!

The duo already shared more than 8 years together with love and bond and there is no issue regarding their relationship. We searched for all the gossips and rumors of them but not found anything. There exist no extramarital affairs or other linkups.

We wish Joe and Jessica never to get caught up in such linkups.