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Who is Jillian Mele’s Boyfriend? Is She Secretly Married? Know Her Net Worth!

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Jillian Mele is one well-known celebrity who is successful in gaining praise and fans from all over the world. It’s not because she is good at her work, but also because of her beauty. But what makes her more appealing is her personal information. Most recently, people started digging through her personal information as she disclosed her boy through her twitter account.

What do you think, is she married already or she is just hooking up? Well, everyone wants to know about her marital status and love status. In this column today, we will be discussing about Jillian Mele’s boyfriend name, her marital status and her net worth.

Is Jillian Mele Dating Someone? Who is Her Boyfriend?

As said earlier above, Jillian is dating a man of whom she mentioned on her twitter account. When we got this information, we went through her tweets, and found this good info.

Jillian Mele Curvy Body

On 26th May last year, Jillian officially announced her love status. She mentioned about having affair with someone special. Although she did not reveal the name of her boy, but she gave us hints. Here we present you all tweets worth looking for.

After looking these two tweets, it is clear to us that Jillian has boyfriend who resides in Boston. Not just in twitter, but Jillian also shared picture of her boyfriend with her Facebook fans as well. Here we have the picture found on Facebook:

Jillian Mele and Her Boyfriend

Talking about Mele’s marital status, she is not married yet. We did not find any information about Jillian’s boyfriend being her husband. Also, there is no gossip and rumour of her being married soon enough.

What’s Her Net Worth?

Jillian lives professional life in which she is highly praised. As she works with confidence, she got the job at NBC News Channel and worked as reporter. We can just make some guess about how much she earns annually. We estimate her annual salary to be around $200 thousands and her net worth to be around $900 thousands.

As she is busy developing her career for now, we do not have any information of her split with her boyfriend. So, we would like to wish her bright future and also want her to reveal her boyfriend’s name as soon as possible. For more updates about Jillian, stay with us!

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