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Is TV Star Jill Wagner Married? What about the Engagement News with Her to Be Husband Brendan Meadows?

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Beautiful TV actress, or say TV star Jill Wagner finally moved forward from her love life. Guess what, she engaged with Brendan Meadows, who was her boyfriend for past few years and now is to-be-husband. For the beau with unsuccessful past love life, it surely is a greater leap. But the question still arises if Jill Wagner married Brendan or is just engaged? Let’s uncover the truth about that!

Jill Wagner’s Engagement with Brendan Meadows

Not long before, there was the news of Jill being engaged with Brendan Meadows. The news was limited to some authentic sites only; there was no social media presence as well. It might be because she was trying to seal off information.

Nothing can be sealed off completely though. Jill shared a picture through her Instagram account so as her fans and followers could know the reason of her happiness.

Just discussing politics . #engagementshoot2016 #polaroidlove @brendanmeadows

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Although she threw a pic together with Brendan, she did not place the news of her engagement. Brendan, who is well known as genius photographer, his information is not given too much of all.

What Jill Wagner shared next in her Instagram was turning the table then. In this very post, the pic shows Brendan and Jill to be engaged. Further, we can see the engagement ring on her hands. But, the pic also includes a cute baby girl.

Is Jill Wagner Married To Brendan Meadows? Is Brendan The Father of Baby Child?

There is controversy about who is the father of the baby girl. Wagner is yet to mention about the father, if it is of Brendan or from her previous boyfriend. Thus we cannot say Meadows to be the father of baby child.

Talking about if Jill Wagner is married or not, we cannot say that she is married. As she is more engaged with Instagram account, there are no new pics about her wedding too. Many people speculated them to be married because of the pic of those spotted with the baby girl. But for now, all we can say is she is not married yet and might get married soon with Brendan.