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Who is Jessica Stroup Dating after Breaking Up with Dustin Milligan? Who is Her New Boyfriend?

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Breakups are taken as an emotional disturbance that gives a bitter experience to those who believe in love life. It gives terror to one’s life and causes unwillingness to go further beyond the pain. But, we are not discussing what breakup is, what we are discussing is about famous actress Jessica who went through the pain of split from her former boyfriend Dustin Milligan. Today, we will uncover Jessica Stroup dating history along with some news about her new boyfriend!

Jessica Stroup Dating Life with Dustin Milligan and Breakup

Before going to the sad breakup, we would like to say something about the former duo. Dustin Milligan and Jessica Stroup met for the first time on the set of ‘90210’ in 2008. They repeatedly started seeing each other and also used to meet during the break of the show. Slowly they became attracted towards each other and their love flourished.

Jessica and Dustin

Everything seemed to be normal until the news of the duo split came to media. The duo started dating in the year 2008 and broke the relation officially in the year 2010. In 2010, Just Jared confirmed the news about their breakup. Dustin claimed:

‘As being a bachelor, I must be able to minimize all these silly things going around. I do always keep options before any action. Nothing matters, as I am working with beautiful girls around!’

This statement clearly signs the break up between them. The real reason for their breakup is not disclosed, though. It’s up to them to keep their private affairs intact.

Jessica Stroup and Dustin Milligan Kissing

Who is Jessica Stroup Dating After Split?

After the split, Jessica went far away from media quite a time. Her current dating affairs are not known to anybody. Thus, we can report her to be single rather than mingle. While going through her social media accounts, we found out that she is now attracted towards tattoo rather than dating someone. We also spotted a veiled tattoo in her neck.

The reason of being attracted in a tattoo may be different. Either it may be to minimize her pain, or because of something else, that tattoo fits right into her neck. Here is a lovely picture of her Instagram which is much better than other.

Although she is single, she loves to roam different places and continuously go for shopping. She seems to be enjoying being single again. Also, it might be because she no longer wants interference by media in her life.