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Know Jessica Alba Net Worth and Salary in 2017: She is Owner of House at Renowned Beverly Hills!

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Jessica Marie Alba, popularly known as just Jessica Alba or Invisible Girl, and more is America born actress who is able to succeed in her career. Not just an actress, she is also a model and businesswoman. The one who started acting in the kindling age of thirteen, has now became one successful babe and earned much from her acting career. In this column, we will be discussing about Jessica Alba net worth, about her new house in Beverly Hills and her luxurious lifestyle.

Jessica Alba Net Worth and Salary

Alba fits into the list of self-earner who is able to earn much fame and revenue in her lifetime. All her hard works has now paid off, as she is listed in celebrity list with more than $300 million as net worth. Stay put to know her net worth as well.

Jessica Alba Married

Jessica’s net worth as mentioned before is more than $300 million. We estimated her net worth to be in amount of $340 million, which sounds really good. Her net worth is even higher than the amount Beyoncé collected.

Talking about her business, she co-founded The Honest Company which is valued $1 billion, as per Forbes record. Her company produces baby products.

Jessica Owns House at Beverly Hills!

The Fantastic Four actress added a new house at world-renowned Beverly Hills recently. As mentioned in Forbes, her new house is more like a luxurious mansion. This particular house cost her more than ever, exactly $9.848 million for this beautiful piece.

Jessica Alba's Mansion at Beverly Hills
Jessica Alba’s Mansion at Beverly Hills

Her house is located exactly at North Beverly Park, which occupies 1.85 acres of space. The views from her house include a canyon and ocean view. It includes seven bedrooms with bathroom attached. Also, Daily Mail mentioned her house to have large pool and backyard.

Jessica Alba’s Luxurious Lifestyle

Want to know what's in my beauty bag? I showed @usweekly all my must-haves (link in bio!).

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Alba spends most of her time in buying luxurious items, mostly designer dresses. She lives her lavish life in visiting new places just to buy new dresses and ornaments. Her wardrobe mostly includes jackets, trousers and party wears.

The 35 years old Jessica who was born in Pomona has been able to get into acting field successfully, and by her net worth, she is able to buy a car with almost all the features. Her brand choice for car is Toyota, and it costs around $55 thousands as per the US price list.

Jessica Alba's Toyota Car
Jessica Alba’s Toyota Car

Jessica has appeared in several movies and TV shows and has worked with numerous famous people such as Jennifer AnnistonChris Evans, Michael Chiklis, Mason Cook and many others.

Jessica’s net worth is really unbelievable, but still we do not have complete information of her personal life. We will be updating the information as soon as we get the scoop.