When the fire knocked down, Jesseca Dupart’s salon, she didn’t let her guts roll down and binged with Kaleidoscope Hair Products as her salon’s retail product line. As a result, the product is recording more than 12 million sales per year.

Also, the Instagram sensation of Jessica Dupart creation is magnifying accompanied by endorsements from notable faces. And they include Angela Yee, DJ ENVY, the cast members of Love & HipHop, SupaCent, Tokyo Vanity, Jess Hilarious, and much more.

Jesseca Dupart wiki is an inspiration for young entrepreneurs to commence within the heeds of hassles. Stick with us: we’ll be exploring Jessica Dupart age, bio, husband, wiki, married, and daughter.

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Jesseca Dupart is a mother of three children

She grounds everything, including the need of 6,000 square feet warehouse. Though the enterprise only wondered for 2,000 square feet, Jesseca Dupart thought of subsidiary space for future expansion. Who wouldn’t desire to have a considerate partner for a lifetime?


Caption: Jesseca Dupart and her one of the son

She has three young kids. When Jessica Dupart was at a young age, she nurtured motherhood to the children associated with salon time. But the entrepreneur hasn’t unveiled the biological father of the kids. It appears as if she is prioritizing million-dollar Company despite retaining the relationship status.

Perhaps, Jesseca Dupart is swiping the regards of marriage to the edges. She is too occupied in garnishing Kaleidoscope Hair Products such that she doesn’t own time to grace relationship bliss.

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Jesseca Dupart Bio

Accumulating revenues from the initial business phase isn’t the rocket science. Similar is the case with Jessica Dupart, who didn’t gather revenues till two years of her enterprise inauguration. According to Jesseca Dupart, one must rather confine on own investment rather than expecting from others.


Caption: Jessica Dupart, CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products 

Since early days, she served as a hairstylist and made money. The year 2013 marked her breakthrough with own salon. Unfortunately, fire busted her dreams. Nonetheless, she didn’t wave to the downtown streams instead incorporate Kaleidoscope Hair Products. Consequently, clients were in awe of her retail line products, also earning an endorsement from prominent names.

She is all over the afresh enterprise aspirations, beauty mogul and giant social media presence. Jessica Dupart believed in the philosophy of “Small and steady wins the race.”

“Right now it’s all about strategy. We have the opportunity to go into big stores, but right now we’re in OTC stores, which are kind of the mom and pop stores. Once you have that massively, then you can move into those bigger stores,”

Jesseca Dupart Wiki

She was born on 12th February 1982 making the age 36 years old. Jesseca Dupart hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. She went through difficult times while growing up.

Dupart had the first baby when she was only fifteen years old. Two years later, she again became pregnant. Similarly, Jesseca Dupart family abandoned her throughout the second expectancy.

Despite the mere official education, she succeeded in positioning her dreams into multi-millionaire market.

“I’m not college educated, but look how far I’ve come. I’m 36 now, and I’ve been able to see a few million dollars off of being very persistent, passionate, creative, and going against what everyone said I couldn’t do,”