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Is Jesse Palmer Dating Jessica Bowlin or Some Other Girl? Who is He in Love With?

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One of the best football players of Canada, Jesse Palmer is the sports commentator who once played NFL in his lifetime. Apart from being professional in his life, he is also one who is highly appealed by ladies around. When he appeared in the TV sitcom named ‘The Bachelor Show,’ he got extra hit on ladies right out of the show. Being such a popular hunk, he has been stealing hearts of millions of girl fans around the world. Don’t you too want to know his personal affairs and dating history? So, today we shall cover all the news and information about Jesse Palmer’s dating life, more about his girlfriend as well!

Is Jesse Palmer Dating Jessica Bowlin?

Jesse Palmer ended up in Jessica Bowlin’s love affair at last. In the show he appeared, ‘The Bachelor Show;’ he expressed about finding new girlfriend as soon as possible. Following the time he meant to, Palmer chose law student of California, Jessica. From the 25 contestant who were there in the show, Jesse chose her and gave a gift.

Jesse Palmer and Jessica Bowlin
Jesse Palmer and Jessica Bowlin

There was no proposal or definite process, only he did was something couple would do. He handed a ticket to New York, and wished her to fulfil forthcoming dreams. For a time being, the duo longed the distanced relationship. For quite few times, the news of their love life came to highlight.

Later in the year 2004, the duo officially announced breakup. In an interview with Jesse Palmer, he explained about the breakup. He stated that their professional life ended up in two way diversion. Even so, he claimed still to be friends with her. Soon after the breakup, the duo vanished from media and his personal information never came out to the media.

Talking about Jessica Bowlin, she passed from East California University in the year 2007. After breakup with Jesse, she chose to become a professional lawyer and then got married. Although we do not know who her husband is or pics of her married life, we found out one of the best picture you could imagine of her. Here is the rare picture of the duo with her children.

Jessica Bowlin with Her Husband and Children
Jessica Bowlin with Her Husband and Children

Who is Jesse Palmer Dating Now?

Jesse is not dating anyone. We took the reference from Who Dates Who, in which it was clearly indicated that Jesse is now single and is busy with his professional life. We even didn’t believe through this wiki site, and then snooped over his social accounts as well. But, there were no pictures to point over, and he was not seen with any girls. We think after breakup with Jessica, he completely ignored love life and is trying to grow his career only.