The family background story of Josh Brolin is one of a kind. Brolin, one of the children of the famous TV actor James Brolin is known for his roles in several movies, but, he is recently more known for his groundbreaking villainous appearance as Thanos in the MCU’s Avengers movie franchise.

This content, however, focuses on Jess Brolin, the unknown and mysterious brother of Josh whose lifestyle is imaginatively and drastically different in comparison to his movie star brother. So, what is it that differentiates Josh’s life from Jess’s? Find out below.

Who Is Jess Brolin?

Jess Brolin is the product of American tv actor James Brolin and his former late wife, Jane Cameron Agee who passed away on 7th February 1995. Jess Brolin, born in the year 1972 is also famous as the stepson of the famous American singer and actress Barbra Streisand, the current and third wife of Jess’s father.

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Moreover, Jess is the second child of James and Jane. Besides, James is the elder brother of Jess, he also shares a half-sibling aka Molly Elizabeth Brolin who is the youngest child and the only daughter of James Brolin who he shares with his previous and second marriage to Jan Smithers.

Like father like son, Brolin is also involved in the entertainment field since he followed the footsteps of not just his father, James Brolin but also his brother, Josh Brolin. Jess is known for his contribution to the movies and tv series such as Black ScorpionShadow Dancer, and Enemy Action.

What Is The Personal Life of Jess Brolin Like?

Although Jess is the son of a prominent actor and the brother of Josh Brolin, Jess is, however, known for his obese body and being allegedly treated differently by his parents that the rest of his children.

At one point, it was reported that Jess was abandoned and homeless when pictures of him picking food from a trash can and eating them went viral over the tabloids. The pictures left people gossiping that he was struggling financially after his millionaire family members left him to struggle like that.

The pictures, however, were later stated to have been misinterpreted and that Jess Brolin was only trying to remove a bottle he mistakenly threw inside the trash to recycle them.

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Besides, it is also known that Jess is dealing with serious health issues caused by his obese body which weighs nearly 188 kg. In early 2019, pictures of Jess surfaced where his legs could be seen with a large sore in it and that his legs could need an amputation or that he could suffer a serious heart attack if he doesn’t treat his overweight body asap. Luckily, no such serious reports or news in regards to Jess’ health has ever surfaced, not till this date yet.

Is Jess Brolin married?

As the least popular child of James Brolin and for being born into a famous family, Jess Brolin made sure to keep his personal life as closer to his vest as possible. Brolin prefers to maintain his life lowkey and away from the public.

Not much information regarding his personal life including his love life is disclosed to the public. For the main specific reason, whether Jess Brolin is married or not is hard to figure out. Jess, however, was reported to have been in relationships before, but, unfortunately, there’s no existence of evidence to prove it.

What Is The Net Worth Of Jess Brolin?

Jess Brolin is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000 which he accumulated from his career in the entertainment field. Although Brolin is only worth five hundred thousands dollar, his father and brother are worth extravagantly big.

For instance, the net worth of Josh Brolin stands at a whopping $35 million whilst James Borlin has a net worth of $50 million. Likewise, Jess’s stepmom Barbra Streisand holds a net worth of $400 million, as per Forbes.

Furthermore, Jess Brolin’s movies and tv series such as Shadow Dancer, Black Scorpion, and Enemy Action also did great with their revenue and box office numbers.

Body Measurements Of Jess Brolin

Jess Brolin, who carries an obese weight weighs 188 kg whilst his body stands at a height of 5’9″. Furthermore, Brolin who is gifted with his father’s eyes which he is in Brown color is a brunette.

Quick Facts of Jess Brolin

Where is the birthplace of Jess Brolin?

United States

What is Jess Brolin’s age?

51 years old

How tall is Jess Brolin?

5 feet 9 inches

Who is the father of Jess Brolin?

James Brolin

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What is the color of Charlie Shanian’s hair?


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