Jeremy Paxman Married Secretly
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Is Jeremy Paxman Married Secretly? Know More About His Partner and Relationship!

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For a TV celebrity, it’s quite unusual to keep his/her marital status a secret. Jeremy Paxman, is the one who shared about his girlfriend and love life long time ago but has never disclosed his marital status. Being a top journalist, he is keeping his personal life secret more than anyone else does. We know about his girlfriend but do not have a clue about his wife. So do you want to know the fact? We will disclose it here and now!

Is Jeremy Paxman Married or is Single?

We all know Jeremy is no single. He is enjoying his love life with Elizabeth Ann Clough. Can you imagine that they are in relation for more than 30 years? Sure it is shocking! The couple reside in Oxfordshire with three children named Jessica, Jack and Victoria.

As mentioned before, they are in love life for more than 30 years, but they are not married!

Huh? What does that mean?

Jeremy Paxman and Elizabeth Ann Clough
Jeremy Paxman and Elizabeth Ann Clough                 source:

Rumours about Jeremy-Elizabeth Breakup

In the year 2011, rumours about the duo came to highlight. The news was breakup of Jeremy and Elizabeth after enjoying 25 years of love life. The reason as per mentioned was because of unwillingly leaving the job from which Clough used to get paid highly.

Later, she mentioned to mass media about the truth:

‘We are not breaking up! We are living happily with our children.’

The rumour was left as rumour then. As the couple are in strong relationship with bonding and understanding, the mere rumour couldn’t lay a hand on their relationship. Jeremy is now a father of three children and he does not want similar fate he had during his childhood. As Jeremy faced problems with his father and used to get beatings from shoes and sticks, he used to hate his father more than anyone else. But, he is always calm; maybe it is too obnoxious to lay hand on his children!