The actress who rose to fame from the movie American Pie is non-other than 60 years old Jennifer Coolidge. She mostly comes to limelight for her affairs and dating life, as she is too choosy on that. Till date, Chris Kattan is only the one we can say as her boyfriend with similar age.

If you are here to know who Jennifer Coolidge husband is, there is none. She is not married but wait, her love life is quite suspicious. It seems someone is there in her life and she does not want him to be in limelight. Let’s now go through her dating history and affairs.

Jennifer Coolidge and Her Mysterious Boyfriends

Coolidge is much choosy when it comes to dating life. The one who always search for someone half of her age, she was hooking with Chris Kattan back in the year 2001.

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They are not together now, but still as good as friends. Something might have been in between them, so is that her boyfriends are always mysterious.

Jennifer Coolidge’s Boyfriends are Always Younger

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Coolidge mentioned about her dating life. What she mentioned was about her boyfriends and her interest. She stated that her interest is on younger men than the guys of her age.

‘Only younger men ask me out, that’s how it worked till date. I wonder why only young men have an interest in me!’

Although Coolidge did not disclose her boyfriend’s name, she actually hinted her boyfriend to be much younger than she is.

‘The one with whom I am dating right now is shy. If I reveal his name, I know he won’t be able to handle things.’

More Mysterious is Her Wedding Ring

Even if Coolidge is over 60, she has not stepped in for marriage. A few years back, the rumor of her wedding came to media and was highlighted; but the proof was never found.

While going through her Instagram account, we found one picture in which her ring finger had a real wedding ring. But we cannot suspect her just for the ring; all we can do is waiting for her official announcement of her marriage or of her husband.

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According to some sources, Jennifer secretly tied the knot to her ex-boyfriend or rumored husband, Chris. The couple, however, has not confirmed it yet.