All the professional actors and actresses that you see on TV has studied for years and years of acting. There are only a few people who are naturally born talented. Jenna Elfman is one of the actresses that has shocked the world with her extraordinary talent. Jenna has been in the movie industry since 1996, and she’s still active. Now isn’t this the definition of genius? She isn’t in this position because of how pretty or beautiful she looks. She’s here because of her unconditional love for acting.

You might know about her acting career, and you might have watched her movies. But do you know who is Jenna Elfman married to? Let’s explore Jenna Elfman’s married life, dating history, affairs, boyfriend, career, net worth, and wiki-bio right here!

Who is Jenna Elfman Married to? Or is she Dating?

Now if you are a huge fan of Jenna Elfman but you don’t know who she’s dating then don’t worry; we will break it down for you.

Jenna is a married woman whose husband is actor Bodhi Elfman. Bodhi is an American actor who has also been in this industry for a long time. Both Jenna and Bodhi have a passion for acting, so it isn’t a shock that they ended up together.

According to sources, Jenna met her husband Bodhi at a Sprite commercial audition. It goes way back to February 1991 when the two met each other. After meeting each other on the commercial, they started hanging out more often. They knew that the romance between them was significantly increasing and together they had something extraordinary.

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Both of them loved each other from the bottom of their heart. They had strong feelings and affections towards each other. After dating for four straight years, they finally decided to take their lovely relationship to the next level.

18th February 1995, is the day the couple is going to remember forever because that’s the day Jenna Elfman married actor Bodhi Elfman. The couple was earnest about their relationship, so they were careful enough not to let the media know about it. Their wedding ceremony was very low-key, and barely any information came out of it.

23 July 2007 was a special day for the two as she gave birth to her elder son. The baby was born healthy, and the couple was pleased about it. After a couple of years, the pair welcomed another baby boy, and he brought even more joy to the family.

Just a few years ago, she opened up about her relationship with her husband. She was asked what the key to their successful relationship was? She replied:

“We don’t have secrets, and we stay real clean with each other if we break an agreement or we do something the other doesn’t like, we say so. When all things are known it’s amazing how healthy the relationship stays.”

It’s been a long time that Jenna Elfman married actor Bodhi Elfman and is still going strong. All the couples out there should take a look at their relationship and take inspirations from it.

Moreover, Jenna and her husband share two children together. Their first child, Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman was born in 2010 whereas, second Story Elias Elfman in 2007.

Jenna Elfman’s Net Worth

As of 2019, Jenna Elfman’s net worth is estimated to be around $16 million.  Throughout her career, Jenna has played in a lot of movies. She has had a successful career so Jenna Elfman’s net worth should be on a higher scale.

She’s still working on various projects so Jenna Elfman’s net worth might be even more. When it comes to her spouse, he has an accumulated net worth of around $500 Thousand.

Jenna Elfman’s Prolific Career

Elfman studied about acting under Milton Katselas. She started her career in the early 1990s by involving herself in various commercials. She then went from commercials to sitcoms. Some of the sitcoms she’s been in include Roseanne, The Single Guy, and Townies. She also starred in movies like N.Y.P.D Blue and Murder One.

jenna elfman dating career net worth wiki bio married
Jenna Elfman from her hit show ‘Dharma and Greg.’ Photo Credit: 

In 1997, she starred in the sitcom Dharma and Greg which was her most successful project. The audience and viewers well received the sitcom. She got a Golden Globe Award for her role as Dharma in 1999.

Jenna Elfman’s Wiki-Bio: Age, Nationality, Ethnicity and more

Jennifer Mary Butala was born on September 30, 1971, in Los Angeles, California as the daughter of Richard Wayne Butala (father) and Sue Grace Butala (mother). She is commonly known as Jenna Elfman. The star has two siblings. She gained her education at Los Angeles County High School and then went to college at California State University.

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Jenna is American, and she belongs to the white ethnicity. She also studies Scientology. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 56 kilos. He has blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. You can also find her on social media like Twitter and Instagram.