Fitness Model Jelly Devote’s Secret Of Massive Weight-Loss, Her Diet Plans And Workout Routine; Also, Jelly Devote Wiki-Bio: Is She Dating Or Has Already Married? Exclusive Details!

Born NameJelly Devote
Birth PlaceSweden
Eye ColorBrown
HusbandSish Kebab
Age28 years

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A fitness model from Sweden with over 564 k Instagram followers wasn’t as fit as she does now. She is an Instagram sensation and has a popular blog where she posts her workouts and meals with fans and blog posts about her personal life. At her heaviest, she weighed 154 pounds, thanks to unhealthy foods and alcohol. She encourages others to be more body-confident by posting her daily transformation and weight-loss journey on her Instagram account.

Yes, we are talking about fitness addict Jelly Devote! We are willing to apprise you about Jelly Devote’ weight-loss, workout routines, and her diet plans. Also, we will discuss her love life; is the fitness model Jelly Devote married or dating? Let’s dig in:

Who is Jelly Devote? Facts Related To Jelly Devote Weight-Loss, Workout, & Diet Plans!

Jelly Devote is a Sweden-based fitness model and an Instagram sensation. Her Instagram account,@jellydevote is filled with pictures of her amazing transformation and her weight-loss journey. She has transformed from couch potato to super-lean model.

When Jelly Devote’s grandmother complained about her massive weight, bitter but truth words pinched her heart. Later, she was shocked because of her unflattering bikini photo. It triggered her to start transforming her body. In an interview with The Sun, Jelly Devote said:

I saw a photo of myself in a bikini and that triggered me to start transforming my body. I almost didn’t recognise myself and realised then I needed to change. I felt like the outside didn’t match my inside.

Jelly Devote started to gain weight in her early twenties. She was normal when she was young and slowly started gaining weight. With lots of alcohol and processed food, she started to grow big and fatty. Within years, she ended up in weighing about 70 kg. Jelly decided to turn her life around, and now fitness has become her biggest passion. She lost over 56-pound weight as a result of her workout and healthy diet plans. She even inspires others to be more body-confident via Instagram and blog posts. Jelly Devote said:

I stopped with alcohol and started to cook my food instead, so I always made sure I ate healthy. I went to the gym and now I am lighter and happy and healthy. Fitness has become my biggest passion. I get to inspire and help others to be the best version of them self. And thanks to this job I can travel the world and I have experienced and grown so much from this experience

Caption: Jelly Devote before and after weight-loss.

Are you jealous of Jelly Devote weight-loss? If then, don’t be! Just follow Jelly Devote’s workout and diet plans:

Jelly Devote Diet Plans

Jelly Devote’s diet plans include healthy and nutritious foods such as Oatmeal, peanut butter, almond milk, eggs, quinoa, avocado, shrimp, protein shake, sweet potato, salad in all kinds of varieties, broccoli, salmon, nuts, and white fish. According to Jelly Devote’s blog, she prefers Oatmeal (oats, a teaspoon of peanut butter, almond milk), Vitamins (Berocca) for breakfast and protein shake for snack.

For lunch, Jelly Devote prefers Quinoa, Cod. Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, Green Salad, and Avocado and takes plain cashew nuts as snacks. She eats Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes, Egg, Cod. Salmon, Green Salad for dinner. While training, she takes amino acids, rice cake, and the protein shake. Jelly Devote prohibits alcohol and processed food in her diet plans. For all these meals, calories should also be taken care of. So, for detail information on Jelly Devote diet plans, visit her blog!

Jelly Devote Workout Plans

Jelly Devote make sure to exercise at least 3-6 times a week and drinks a lot of water. She workout for her legs, abs, biceps, triceps, butt, and her whole body. Typical exercises for Jelly Devote workout plan include squats, deadlifts, crunches, variable plank, leg curl, bicep curl, lunge with dumbbells, and much more. For detail information on Jelly Devote workout plans, visit her blog!

Has Jelly Devote Married or Is She Still Dating?

Sorry to disappoint you but Jelly Devote is off the market. Yes, she has already been taken. She is a married woman who has a caring husband. Before getting into Jelly Devote married life, let’s learn about her dating affair with her now-husband, Sish Kebab.

Jelly Devote dating affair had a lovely start. She met her boyfriend-turned-husband first time in Magaluf on 7 May 2015. She was hooked on him since the first meeting and spent the vacation in Magaluf for four days together. In less than 24 hours of their first meeting, Sish tattooed her name on his lower stomach. At the time he said to Jelly:

I’m obviously never gonna forget you!

Then they returned home and started face timing hours daily. But they couldn’t wait for longer to see each other. So, Jelly Devote flew over to England to see him on 24th May 2015. She had a perfect dating at their 3rd date in London. Jelly Devote boyfriend, Sish Kebab had decorated balloons with her name and went to see Mamma Mia! The Musical.

Jelly Devote dating
Caption: Sesh Kebab surprised his girlfriend, Jelly Devote with a lock where their names and the date they met on, were carved.

Photo credit: YouTube

Jelly Devote tattooed her boyfriend-turned-husband, Sish’s name on her foot on their 4th date in Marbella. Then the couple started living together. Jelly celebrated her 25th birthday in Cancun with her boyfriend; the birthday celebration was quite surprising to her. The most shocking moment to Jelly Devote on her 25th birthday was when Sish Kebab kneeled down and proposed to marry her. She delightedly said “Yes!”

Caption: Jelly Devote married her boyfriend-turned-husband, Sish Kebab in November 2016.

Finally, in November 2016, Jelly Devote married her boyfriend, Sish Kebab. Since the marriage, there has been no any news regarding Jelly Devote pregnancy. So, they have no children yet. However, the couple will surely decide to have their own family.

So, Jelly could get pregnant with her husband’s child anytime. She seems to be inseparable with her husband, so there is a rare chance for the couple to divorce. For now, Jelly Devote pregnant, Jelly Devote divorce, and Jelly Devote children are future talks.

Stay in touch for more updates on Jelly Devote married life!

Jelly Devote Wiki-Bio; Age, Height, Parents, & Net worth!

Born in the year 1990 in Sweden, Jelly Devote birthday is on the 9th of October. With the last birthday celebration, Jelly Devote age is 28 at present.

Jelly Devote started blogging on her self-titled website in May of 2011. She is also an athlete for the beauty brand Women’s Best and sportswear.

According to Jelly Devote wiki profile, her height is 5 feet 2 inches. In meters, Jelly Devote’s height is 1.61 m.

Previously many people speculated that Jelly Devote had plastic surgery for her boobs and butt. However, Jelly said in an interview that her butt is real and she hadn’t gone through plastic surgery for her butt. But she accepted that she augmented her breasts. Yes, Jelly Devote breasts are not natural. She made it big through plastic surgery.

Jelly Devote has not talked about her parents yet. So, information regarding Jelly Devote’s parents will be updated soon!

As a fitness model and Instagram sensation, Jelly Devote net worth must be huge. However, Devote has not disclosed the figure of her net worth. As of 2018, Jelly Devote net worth is under review. If you have an interest in Jelly Devote net worth, stay in touch, we will soon update you on Jelly Devote net worth!