Jeffrey Parazzo is a Canadian actor recognized mostly for his role as Trent Mercer/White Ranger on the TV show Power Rangers Dino Thunder. However, before taking on the role of White Ranger he made his debut in the Queer as Folk in 2002.

After the TV show, Dino Thunder ended, Jeffrey worked for many other series. But is the talented actor married yet? Learn more about his personal life and affairs down below. Also, read about his net worth and earnings in this article.

Jeffrey Parazzo Single? Or Secretly Married?

Jeffrey Parazzo is a handsome man and any girl would love to be his girlfriend/wife. Unfortunately for us, the actor keeps most of his private affair away from the public eye. While going through his Instagram account, we believe that he might be married or at least in a relationship.

Jeffrey seems pretty close to Lauren Smerchanski who works as a designer in Toronto. Although the talented actor shares a lot of pictures with her on his Instagram, he hasn’t stated what kind of a relationship he has with Lauren. She could be his friend, girlfriend, wife or even a family member. Hence, without him confirming it, nobody can say a word about his relationship status.

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The amazing actor tends to share a lot on his Instagram including his day and which fan convention he’ll be attending in the future. Nevertheless, he keeps a close watch about what he shares to his fans. Throughout his career, he kept a clean history, thus neither controversies nor rumors remain attached to his record.

How Much is Jeffrey Parazzo’s Net Worth?

Jeffrey Parazzo holds an estimated net worth of $550k as of 2019. He generates his income through his acting career in which profession he started working as an actor since 2002. Moreover, he also earns his paycheck by attending various fan conventions. Another actor from the Power Rangers franchises Nakia Burrise enjoys an estimated net worth of $1.3 million.

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Moving on to his salary, the average pay of a TV actor in Hollywood starts from $15k to $25k per episode. Likewise, more well-known actors can earn up to $1 million per episode as well.

Further, by appearing in different fan meet-ups, a star can make anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 range per appearance. In fact, their popularity and the frequency with which they appear also determine their revenue.

1972 Honda CB500f Jeffrey Parazzo
1972 Honda CB500f Jeffrey Parazzo
Source: Instagram

As of 2019, Jeffrey lives his life in comfort and luxury. As seen on his Instagram, the actor travels a lot, constantly meeting with his fans. Besides owning a Porsch914, he also rides a couple of motorbikes. His prized bike is a self-customized 1972 Honda CB500f.

Quick Facts of Jeffrey Parazzo

What is Jeffrey Parazzo’s nationality?


Where and when was Jeffrey Parazzo born?

on 29 March 1978 in Toronto, Canada

What is Jeffrey Parazzo age?

40 years

What is Jeffrey Parazzo’s ethnicity?


What’s Jeffrey Parazzo’s hair color?


Which color are Jeffrey Parazzo’s eyes?

Light Brown.