The most important aspect for a sportscaster are knowledge of the game, a passion for sports and the profession, and the stamina to struggle. Jaymee Sire who efficiently mastered all the aspects also influenced numerous people through her casting career.

Jaymee Sire is an ESPN sportscaster and a TV host who became popular through her exceptional reporting and casting. Know more about the ESPN host her relationship, children and above all, how much does she earn?

What is Jaymee Sire’s Net Worth?

Jaymee Sire holds an estimated net worth of $2 million. Her successful career as a television host, sportscaster and blogger helped her earn her fortune. Sire also worked for the famous television network ESPN where she made a good income.

Jaymee Sire Net Worth
Jaymee Sire

As a television host, Jaymee earns an average salary that ranges to $45k from $25k as per the fame of the program. Similarly, she generates $83k to $106k annually as a sportscaster in the ESPN channel. She also worked in other various programs of ESPN.

YouTube: The Jaymee Sire Effect

Sire is also a part-time blogger. She just started her new Youtube channel which is about Food and Travelling. She frequently keeps on uploading videos on her blogs about different places and food. Her video doesn’t have numerous views for now.

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The sportscaster also featured in various TV series like The Kitchen, Mike & Mike. She makes an average salary of $25k to $35k per episode she features on. Moreover, Sire also makes good income through her social media promotion. She makes $167 to $278 per promotional post on her Instagram.

Jaymee Sire’s Personal Life: Has She Married?

The sportscaster Jaymee Sire keeps her relationships uptight. There is no official confirmation regarding her dating. Although reports claim that she married Jeff Rosenberg, the president of Tristar Production but there is no precise confirmation regarding their relationship.

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There is no authoritative information following their marriage but they are believed to be sharing a child. Sire also had her name hooked with the photographer Justin Aharoni. She is dating Justin and is seen together in various places. Although they have not fully disclosed their relationship they are likely travel buddies.

Sire seems busy with her career rather than contrasting her personal life. She is a hardworking devoted reporter who always focuses on her career. In addition, the lady is a traveling lover and a self-proclaimed foodie.

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Jaymee Sire was born from an agriculturist father Dennis Sire and her mother Wendy Sire. Her father was a farmer in Great Falls, Montana. She spent her childhood in Montana and attended the Great Falls High School. Later, she graduated from Washington State University.

Facts About Jaymee Sire

Where is the birthplace of Jaymee Sire?

Great Falls, Montana

How old is Jaymee Sire?

38 years old

What is the birth sign of Jaymee Sire?


How tall is Jaymee Sire?

5 feet 4 inches

What is Jaymee Sire’ Nationality?


What is Jaymee Sire’ Ethnicity?


What are Jaymee Sire’s body measurements?

33-24-34 inches

Which Color eyes do Jaymee Sire have?