Social media has helped a number of people to be in the spotlight, and Jayden Croes also belongs to the same group. 19 years old Jayden Croes is a rising star who has already earned over 12 million fans on the app.

Today, on deck, we will be talking about Jayden Croes’ personal and professional career. So, how did Croes hit the spotlight? So, is he dating anyone? Who is his girlfriend? Scroll down to know everything right below:

Who is Jayden Croes Dating? Past Affairs and Relationships

Jayden Croes is a rising star and has not talked much about his personal stuff in the media. Also, there is no any headline of his dating life or relationship affairs ever broadcasted in the media.

As per reports, Croes is single and is not dating anyone. But there is a particular girl who features in his videos. But Croes has not revealed anything about that girl and his relationship with that girl. So, it’s hard to trace out whether they are dating or just friends.

If you go across Jayden Croes’ Instagram, then there is no any picture of him with any girls to be claimed as his girlfriend. He often posts pictures with his brother, Gilmher Croes. Have a look:

How much is Jayden Croes’s Net Worth? Know his Earnings, Salary, and Career

For your information; Jayden Croes often creates videos along with his brother Gilmher Croes and friend Giomir Leocadia. Croes came into the spotlight back in 2015 when he started making skits for Facebook in collaboration with his best friend and brother.

Croes also made Vine videos but later quit. Within a very short period of time, his videos went viral and came into the spotlight. He then brought the youngster a local award for a video of Zara Larsson’ song “Lush Life.”

It’s only been around three years that Croes started his professional career but has already won thousands of hearts. Now, people assume that he might be earning a huge amount of money from his videos.

As mentioned above, Croes is quite secretive regarding his personal life and till the date has not revealed the exact figure of his net worth. Though Jayden Croes’s net worth is not disclosed in the media, sources claim that his net worth is around a hundred thousand dollars.

What makes Jayden Croes’ Special?

Jayden Croes’ moves and expressions are what make him famous and special. His wavy and side-swept hair gives him several styles and makes him different from other vloggers. He has been extensively using caps, hooded sweatshirts, accessories, and wigs to make his video special.

Croes perfectly uses his hands and fingers making his gestures a distinct feel.

Jayden Croes’ Wiki-Bio, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Height, Weight, and more!

Jayden Croes was born on November 11, 1998, and is 19 years old. He was born in Aruba and grew up in Oranjestad. His birth sign is Scorpio. The name of his parents’ is Gilbert and Sussane. He has an older brother Gilmher Croes and a sister named Roxanne. His brother Gilmher is also a famous social media star.

Croes studied at the Mon Plaisir College from 2011 to 2016 and then graduated on June 17, 2016. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs around 71 kg. Dark brown hair and dark brown eyes make him super handsome and classy.