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Is Singer Jasmine Villegas Dating Someone? Is Vine Star Ronnie Banks Her Boyfriend? What about Her Pregnancy News and Baby?

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Musical sensation is something that is retained through music beat and voice. For a singer with musical sensation, he/she can gain lot more followers and fans from around the world. But, for some singers, they are followed for beauty, not just for their music. The singers like Debbie Gibson fall into the same category. But, here we are not talking about her; but of Jasmine Villegas. As she is beautiful and hot, many people want to know about her personal life. Today we will be discussing about Jasmine Villegas dating life, about her pregnancy news and new-born kid.

Is Jasmine Villegas Dating Someone? Is Ronnie Banks Her Boyfriend?

Hot Jasmine is not a single lady for now. She started dating vine star Ronnie Banks since 2014. From the source, we found that they first met in July, and started meeting frequently. They are seen together in most of places along with in musical videos.

Jasmine Villegas and Ronnie Bank
Jasmine Villegas and Ronnie Bank

They dated for around 8 months and ended their relationship. This news was a shock for the fans. In 2015, the duo separated and started living separately. After the separation, 8 months after, she revealed to be pregnant.

What’s this Villegas Pregnancy News Anyway?

Jasmine Villegas Bump Shot Wile Pregnant
Jasmine Villegas Bump Shot Wile Pregnant

In Feb 2016, Jasmine gave birth to cute little Ameera. Most of people speculated this baby girl to be of Ronnie. As Jasmine is ex-girlfriend of Justin, it was rather confusing. But as the duo was separated in 2010, the entire fingers were pointed to Ronnie.

Welcome to the world my little angel.

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From the inside source, it was known that Ronnie was in hospital during the delivery period. For now, she is enjoying with her baby, and is sharing about her baby girl in social media.

Is Ronnie Bank Together With Jasmine Villegas After The Baby Born?

It seems Ronnie developed love for his daughter now. It is seen through his social media account that he loves his daughter. In October this year, he posted a photo of the daughter in his instagram account.

Dear God, can you send me a smaller version of me but a girl… and look what he did…

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Although Bank and Villegas are not together and are not able to patch-up the bond, we can see the strong bond between father and child. We too wish for their patch-up so that Ameera could live happily with father and mother both.