Jasmine Villegas Dating History
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Jasmine Villegas Dating History: Who Are The Boyfriends She Dated Till Date?

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Jasmine Villegas, one known for both work and style; is surely able to date with more than one person. Recent news of pregnancy and child Ameera while kept in one side, she seems to be nearer with Ronnie Black; who is her ex-boyfriend and father of Ameera. But what about her past love life? Today we will be discussing about Jasmine Villegas dating history, and boyfriend counts!

Jasmine Villegas Dating Life: 3 Boyfriends till Date

Villegas is now stated to be single, but was linked with 3 people in past. She is single mother, but is now also connected with her ex-boyfriend Ronnie Banks. So with whom Jasmine dated in past life? Let’s find out!

Jasmine Villegas and Justin Bieber Relationship [2010]

The first boyfriend of Jasmine known publicly is Justin Bieber. They were reported to be together by Hollywood Life. As reported by Daily Mail, December, the couple met for the first time in Disney Wizards set. Although both were not ready to announce the relationship, they were seen together publicly.

Jasmine Villegas and Justin Bieber
Jasmine Villegas and Justin Bieber

The relationship didn’t last long, as Justin was reportedly seen with Selena Gomez. They separated in November 2010. Justin might be out of luck, as relationship with Selena ended because of Moore.

Jasmine Villegas and Young Ginsu [2010-2012]

After break up with Justin, Jasmine was reportedly linked with another guy. Ginsu, well known rapper seemed to be connected with her. The date of meeting and how they started their relation is not disclosed though.

Like of previous relationship, this love life also ended. In 2012, it was reported that they are no longer together. For now, Ginsu is single and might be searching someone perfect.

Jasmine Villegas and Ronnie Banks [2014-2015]

After two breakups, Jasmine surely took 2 years for overcoming the fact. And then, she started dating Ronnie Banks. They first met in making a video and were seen together more often. But in just a year, they got separated. Ameera, is reported to be daughter of Ronnie and Jasmine.

Jasmine Villegas and Ronnie Bank
Jasmine Villegas and Ronnie Bank

This relationship ended in 2015, but they seem to be together for now to raise their child with best care. We hope they get along to raise their child Ameera happily and give them care of both father and mother.