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James Rich owns a staggering net worth of $10 billion. Source: James Rich
Born NameJames Richman
Birth PlaceSmarde, Latvia
Height6 feet 2 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Zodiac SignPisces
Net Worth$10 billion
Age30 years old

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James Richman is an inspiration to everyone since he is a self-made billionaire from his investing abilities. The 30-year-old from Latvia invested in some globally known companies like Tesla, Facebook, and Amazon, and earned his billion dollars fortune. 

Richman is one of the richest men from the Baltic States (Latvia), thanks to his instincts in wise investments. In fact, he also started his private investment firm named JJ Richman to embark on his legacy. So, today we take you close to the personal life, net worth and career of the actor. 

James Richman’s Personal Life

While James Richman made his name from his professional endeavors and investments, very little is known about his private life. Contrary to his career, he endured severe heartbreaks for his personal life. Unfortunately, he experienced a failed marriage with ex-wife after a series of conflicts and disputes.

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Not just that, Richman also lost his daughter from his first failed marriage. The multi-billionaire wasn’t as wealthy as he is now at that time. Shockingly, the cause of her daughter’s death was due to limited health resources in Latvia. There are even reports which claim that the investor became homeless after the divorce.

James Richman: Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome

James Richman was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at an early age. The high-functioning autism limited his ability to socialize but eventually came to his rescue as he is known to have the natural ability to read advanced patterns as well as even predict the future in many cases. Such knowledge made him an investment prodigy of our time.

The natural talent in him of reading through advanced patterns and predict future made him one of the wealthiest Latvian today. 

How Much is James Richman’s Net Worth?

James Richman is one of the very few wealthy people who prefer to live a low-key life away from all the media hype. Specifically, he owns a staggering net worth of $10 billion from his natural ability to read through advanced patterns and forecast investment future. 

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While he accumulated most of his income from his investments in top firms like Facebook, Amazon, and Uber, the 30-year-old established his private investment firm, JJ Richman, later on. He works alongside Jonha Richman to operate in nations like London, Hong Kong, and Monaco.

The Latvian investor came into the news in 2019 since he was one of the parties interested in buying the assets of Barclay’s. The Barclay’s property includes The Ritz Hotel worth around $80 million and Shop Direct.

The Latvian also owns a superyacht that once belonged to Microsoft Founder Paul Allen’s Octopus superyacht. The investor is fond of boats and looks to add the largest behemoth yacht, Azzam, to his collection. The low-key business tycoon also owns a private jet. 

Quick Facts: James Richman

  • Like fellow billionaires Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, James Richman also dropped out of college.
  • He supports many biotechnological research and development efforts to combat cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
  • Interestingly, he also invested in the world’s first-ever medical breakthrough of 3D-printed hearts from human patients.
  • Alongside the likes of Yuri Milner and Elon Musk, he aims to bring humankind to Mars.
  • He managed to beat quant funds to accumulate such vast wealth.

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