The music industry was struck by disaster when Linkin Park lead-vocalist Chester Bennington lost to his wills. The world is still grieving over his loss. But the fans saw hope when Jamie Bennington, his son, showed a desire to continue his father’s legacy.

Jamie is a film composer, screenwriter, and director. But now also a musician. Get a closer look into his personal life right here.

Relationship Status?

Jamie Bennington is likely still single. Likely. It’s hard to believe the son of the music icon to be single. Or maybe he is dating someone and just doesn’t want to publicize it. Whatever it may be, he has chosen not to disclose the matter.

The First-born of the Lead-Vocalist

The director, Jamie is the eldest son of Chester Bennington and his ex-girlfriend, Elka Brand. After his father split with Elka, Chester married Samantha Marie Olit on October 31, 1996, the same year Jamie was born.

During his marriage with Samantha, he and his wife gave birth to a son, Draven Sebastian in 2002. However, the relation with Olit started to crack leading to divorce in 2005.

A year after, he tied the knot with Talinda Ann Bentley, a Playboy model. The couple had three children: a son, Tyler Lee Bennington( March 16, 2006) and twin daughters, Lily and Lila Bennington( November 6, 2011).

Jamie has 5 step-siblings altogether including Isaiah, Brand’s other son whom Chester adopted in 2006 as one of his own. Considering Chester’s good relation with his ex-partners, the 22-years-old Jamie is also probably in very good terms with his step-brothers and sisters.

The Music Icon’s Suicide

On July 20, 2017, the Linkin Park vocalist took his own life by hanging himself. He was found unconscious in his own residence by the housekeeper at around 9 in the morning. He was immediately taken to a hospital but the artist was already gone by the time.

The talented musician’s departure was later made public by his fellow band-mate, Mike Shinoda. The world was grieved by the loss by this huge whiplash in the music world.

It was later revealed by his wife that the star was battling with depression and had attempted suicide in the past as well. She added that the death of his friend Chris Cornell had a very negative impact on the mental health of Chester. She related to the loss of Chris and quoted,

We had a very, very dear friend, Chris Cornell, take his own life. And I felt that ‘Okay, Chester sees what Vicky and [their] kids’ — we’re godparents to their children — ‘what they’re going through and this will never happen.

Talinda is now an advocate for issues regarding the mental health of people. She uses her social media account to inspire people to open up about their depression.

Continuing His Father’s Legacy

The music world popped open its eyes when the news of Jamie’s will to walk on his father’s footsteps rose. He is a composer and director of short films.

In 2017, his mother posted on Twitter mentioning his talents as a musician. She also featured some of her sons’ productions in the post for the fans to try.

In 2019, he announced that he will be making his debut performance in the Strange 80’s benefit show. He was set to perform on June 1 at the Fonda Theatre. It was a charity performance that gave all the proceedings to Talinda Bennington’s mental health initiative 320 Changes Direction.

Another news surfaced the same year that he was recording vocals with Grey Daze. Grey Daze was one of Chester’s early bands. The old members of the band took in the music artist’s son and recorded a few old tracks.

Chester’s son well respects his father and is willing to fight against any that don’t feel the same way. Well, let us all hope and support Jamie on his path to becoming a musician.

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